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April 2016

Sanders Gives Cold Shoulder To Trump’s Shower of Love

Donald Trump is one crafty politician. Now that he has practically captured the Republican nomination, he has his orange Oompa Loompa colored face pointed at Bernie supporters. Gaining their favor is Trump’s next glorious conquest. Maybe because Trump knew he wouldn’t be facing Bernie in an election, his middle school playground rhetoric has always been much softer towards Bernie than Hillary. Trump even said in an MSNBC interview: Bernie Sanders has a message that’s interesting.… Keep Reading

What do Democracy, Gyros and Income Inequality Have in Common?

The wide gap between the rich and the poor is nothing new. Ever since the peasants were lugging bricks across the desert for the Pharaoh, you could tell with once glance who has the bread. Just a small pocket of cultures throughout history, all being Anglo countries, could the common man achieve both power and wealth. Every major Western scientific and artistic achievement could be traced back to the Greeks and Romans. Today, America reshapes… Keep Reading

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