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Donald Trump/Election

If you Could Ask Trump one Question, What Would it be?

Imagine you ran into Trump in an elevator, and you had the possibility to ask him any question. What would it be? Just a few floors, so it could only be one question. Considering I lost several hours sleep last night puzzling over this, I think I have become an authority. There are so many huge question marks hovering over his life and so many shady aspects, it is difficult to focus on one. I’ll… Keep Reading

Trump Plans on Using Same Trickle Down Snake Oil That Destroyed Kansas

  Besides abortions and drug legalization, issues Republicans are accused of using to distract their voters, there is one platform that every Republican screams from the mountain top: “LESS TAXES!!!!!!!” Donald Trump, like every republican politician, touts his trickle down plans: small government, low taxes and privatization of social programs. In a parallel universe, trickle down economics are effective. This is why Republicans have been insisting on this economic strategy for about thirty years. In… Keep Reading

Drug Policy/Family Values

Bring out your Dead – Tonight Jimmy Kimmel Live

Tonight on Jimmy Kimmel, the remaining members of the greatest rock group ever will be performing. The Grateful Dead have been a proponent for legalizing pot for a long time, and now they are trying to broadcast their message to an audience other than their devoted fan base. What better platform than on the Jimmy Kimmel show? About 2.4 million watch it a night. Plus, the show is on ABC, which is owned by family… Keep Reading

Top Selling Magazine in the Country Just a Voice for the Conservative

In 2001, I scored a sweet internship with the “National Enquirer”. At first, I was given the usual mundane intern chores, like getting people coffee and photocopying things. A week into it, I started writing columns and articles. It was really my dream job. I kept pestering the editors to allow me to interview Jenna Jameson or Gary Coleman, but they declined. Tips to the “National Enquirer” filter through the secretary. If you spotted Burt… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Fox news

My Experience with a Corrupt Media Part I

One of Bernie’s supporter’s loudest battle cries is that the media is corrupt. This is also a common republican complaint. Republicans bitch that the media is controlled by the liberal machine and Bernie supporters will say the media is controlled by Hillary. By using the simple mathematical transitive law, I can prove the republican complaint to be more spot on. The transitive law states if a is b and b is c, then c is… Keep Reading

As the Republican Civil War Begins to Brew

I was confident last night at about 11:30 that in twelve hours, after the Sunday news shows had finished, Trump would do something I could write an article about. I was right. In an interview on “Meet the Press” this morning, Trump said that he would consider removing Representative Paul D. Ryan as chairman of the Republican National Convention if Trump didn’t get his endorsement. In this endless sea of middle school bantering, Trump only said that… Keep Reading

Similarities Between Trump Supporters and KKK Members

The Donald has certainly unified whole portions of America that a year ago would have nothing in common. Who would have thought Dick Cheney and Matthew Heimbach or Karl Rove and David Duke or Newt Gingrich and William Johnson would be supporting the same guy come election time? I’m sure you recognized the first name of each of those pairs, but the second names? One is the Grand Dragon, another is a white supremacist and the… Keep Reading

The Only Coal Trump Will Get Will be on Christmas Morning

Sometimes when a person becomes idolized in our society, we expect the sun and the moon from them. Look at Donald Trump. He has managed to amass a tremendous fortune (though he won’t allow us to look at his tax returns), he is married to a beautiful woman (though she came from another country and married in to US citizenship), and he has become the Republican presidential nominee (though he and his family have voted… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Election

Does Anyone like Donald Trump?

Trust me. A storm is brewing inside this cool cat now. She’ll gradually break down and you’ll see what’s behind the clouds Mahbod Seraji, Rooftops of Tehran The fractured republican appears to be nearing towards an explosion. The wick is nearly up. Donald Trump was certainly the one to light it, but by the time the bomb explodes he’ll be sitting pretty in his palatial loft on top of Trump Tower. The republican voter will… Keep Reading

Trump is his own Worst Enemy

Yesterday, I discussed Trump’s wall proposal. My article did not knock Trump necessarily rather, I questioned the voters who actually believe that a wall would get their jobs back let alone, could actually be built. That was yesterday. Today, I will analyze Trump’s Muslim ban. Undoubtedly, these two propositions propelled Trump to the unstoppable force that vanquished the Republican party. Before he uttered them, he was like a little deer lost in the woods. After… Keep Reading

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