Those of you who blindly support Donald Trump because you’re entranced by his wealth, or because you feel subjugated by Obama and the Supreme Court, or because he’s brash and speaking your lingo – at some point you must honestly ask yourself that if Don could espouse such contempt for heroic American prisoners of war, think about the disdain he must feel for you. He will lose.

To him, you are people who worship him solely because of irrational fear and anger; anger that Donald has manipulated and stroked so that viciousness and callousness are an acceptable trade-off in place of decorum. Weakness he smells in the water, so he tosses the talking points to the wind and charges forth with vigor and shameless footling blathering.

He doesn’t have to present coherent ideas and solutions. He doesn’t have to reflect the intrinsic American Statesman who exhibits class, discipline and decency. He doesn’t have to respect our military, as long as he’s delivering the plain speak of ‘us against them’.


Now he can revel in his celebrity reality show mode and never rise above the low brow condescension because he realizes his worshipers have no higher expectations. And he realizes that all he has to do is appeal to the lowest common denominator, because they will never demand anything more from him.

“I play to people’s fantasies, the art of the deal. People may not always think big themselves but they can get excited by people who do. People want to believe that something is the biggest and the greatest and the most spectacular,” Donald Trump writes.

A particularly keen insight into what motivates him to be whatever character he chooses to play on any given day.

However, most telling is this little patronizing quip he delivers.

“My IQ is one of the highest and you know it. Please don’t feel so stupid or insecure—it’s not your fault.”

Seriously people. If this doesn’t prompt a talk-to-the-hand and get-outta-my-face reaction, Trumpsters, then maybe you should set your standards a bit higher when it comes to selecting your political leaders.


But on a more solemn note, regrettably, most Trumpsters will nod their heads in agreement at his perceived genius and sing his praises…they’ve been Trumpified, they have found their spectacular new leader who’ll rekindle their compromised dignity! Restore hate and fear of fellow man with crassness and brashness for the new America there’ll be entering! A new religion has been born! Trumpsters unite for salvation is nigh! Um…sorry folks.

Sadly for the Trump-ites, there will be no Promised Land. Like Palin leading the Palin-ites years ago, America always rejects dirtbaggery in place of optimism and positivism. Much like Dr. Trask in the movie “X-Men: Days of Future Past”, Trump uses demagoguery and scapegoats to keep his fleet in line. Dr. Trask felt that mutants were a threat to humankind and needed a safety net to protect against these alien creatures. The Trump-ites senses were peaked, when Lord Trump spoke of his desire to build a wall around Mexico and have the Mexicans pay for it.


This was always a pipe dream and a bone thrown to tweak the sensibilities of  the lost and afraid. But as the Washington Monthly and other publications have reported, Lord Trump actually criticized former Presidential candidate Pat Buchanan years ago when Pat said “politicians were afraid that it was politically incorrect to speak out against illegal immigration.” In response to this notion, Trump said, “He seems to be racist” and released a statement saying, “I’m intolerant of intolerance because NY is comprised of a town with different races, religions and peoples’ and I have learned to work with my brother man.” OH REALLY now????

Onward to 2012, Trump pounded Mitt Romney  for what Trump felt was an anti-immigration stance by Presidential candidate.

He stated: “The Republican Party will continue to lose Presidential elections if it comes across at being mean-spirited and unwelcoming to people of color. The dems didn’t have a policy for dealing with illegal immigrants but what they did have going for them is they weren’t mean spirited about it.”


Say whaaa??? Yep. Ruefully, however, it’s pretty silly to even speculate about what position he truly subscribes to because it would presume that he actually has a political philosophy and actually cares about an issue or the American people. Which he does not.

Secondly, do Trumpsters care that Lord DT complains about how Mexico and China steal American jobs yet his clothing line has dress shirts made in China and suits manufactured in Mexico thus rendering him a hypocrite to the upteenth power?

Well of course not. Instead, they dwell on other Trump attributes that are more important like his hair and his negotiating skills. tru9