Trump will never be president. Frustration, marginalization, victimization, anger and helplessness. These collective emotions, found within pockets of the GOP movement to elect Donald Trump, has taken on a conservative political surrealism that ignores conventional political realities.

As long as Trump keeps repeating hackneyed expressions such as “we gotta take our country back” and “our country is in serious trouble”, and continues pitching ridiculous attention-seeking innuendo such as, “free trade is terrible,” “free trade can be wonderful if you have smart people, but we have stupid people”, while feeding his supporters the self-aggrandizing hubris, “I’m a billionaire so I can’t be wrong”, the Right will continue to salivate with wonder.


After being defeated in two straight presidential election cycles, these unhappy campers feel politically exiled. They are stranded in a conservative no-man’s land, where only their new king, Lord Trump, can lead them to the Promised Land of Hope, non-political correctness and Greatness.

Through the conservative wilderness they’ll travel barefoot and unafraid, as the Savior scares away the beasts of Satan (A.K.A – the “lamestream” media, Obama, Hollywood, immigrants, Republican establishment, Supreme Court, RINO’s, moderates and democrats). When they emerge from the darkness, the Right will become jubilant again! Oh yes indeed. ‘Instead of Obama’s Hope and Change we’ll have Joy through Anger’, the Trump followers scream, with tears of triumph in their eyes!

But disappointment awaits…

Unfortunately for the Trump troglodytes, Mr. Trump has just revealed himself to be the emperor with no clothes. Trump, the King of the haplessly frustrated Republican, hasn’t been cooked enough as a human being or politician to know that denigrating the service of every Armed Forces member, is never a winning strategy.

But, if you are cool with it, and if you agreed with Trump when he ridiculed the countless POWs who have died so that I could write these opinions, and that you could read them, then you are no better than your chipped and rusted golden calf.


It is one thing if Mr. Trump decides to make a mockery of our political process by perverting the pre-Presidential primary season with childish name-calling and derogatory tweets about anyone who dares to criticize him. Sure, it is funny to watch these staged Fox feuds with Megan Kelly or hear him refer to ‘Li’l Marco’ or ‘Lyin’ Ted Cruz’. But it is something else entirely when an alleged presidential candidate suggests a former POW is “…only a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”

Is this to infer that soldiers who are captured on enemy soil aren’t heroes because they are weak and didn’t have the wherewithal to kill or evade their captors? From this standard of measurement, would anyone believe that when Trump visits our Veteran Hospitals, he isn’t secretly thinking, “What a moron to get your legs blown off. I like people who come home with all of their body parts.” Or when thinking of those brave men and women who have passed away on the battlefields, Trump can’t help but think, “what a dummy to allow yourself to get killed, we’re better off without you.”


Let me tell you Donny, with all the righteous indignation I can muster, YOU wish on your best day that you had the nerve, the cajones, the mental and physical fortitude, the skill, the discipline, the strong-mindedness and the courage to have endured what American POW’s sacrificed.

This tough- guy- chicken- hawk would piss diarrhea all over his Gucci loafers at the mere thought of getting shot down, captured and tortured. The overly sensitive, egomaniacal draft dodger would’ve built a YUUUGE underground bunker and hid to avoid being drafted had he not received FIVEdeferments. One of those deferments being a medical one for a bruised foot. Disgusting!

Ha! And this fool is mocking John McCain’s service! Talk about alternate universes of reality. Laugh all you want, as Trump makes fun of these POWs, but be thankful that our country has a lot more of those brave soldiers than we do unscrupulous and devious Trumps.

And those of you who defend his comments are worse than he, because most of you, in the depths of your soul, know that he is wrong.