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June 2016

Criminal Bribery Charges Filed Against Trump

A few weeks ago I wrote about one of the many Trump scandals that I was shocked never made much of an appearance on the “liberal media”. It was about Trump University and the many lawsuits alleging that Donald Trump defrauded high school graduates looking to pursue an education. Lured by the name Trump, they signed up. Trump University turned out to be nothing more than a fraud. Countless prospective students got their bank accounts… Keep Reading

Donald Trump Rape Lawsuit
Donald Trump

Lawsuit Alleging Trump Raped a 13 Year Old Girl

The Donald is going through a pretty rough time right now. The presidential candidate just has a few million in his campaign box, even less than a senator might require. He is the defendant in at least 169 federal lawsuits. Plus, his poll numbers are deflated disastrously. Things are bad for The Donald. Although there is still a few more inches to sink.     April of last year, a woman named Katie Johnson sued… Keep Reading

Trump Can Hire Foreigners, but you Can’t

Any job falls into one of three categories – agricultural, industry and services. About two hundred years ago, America was an agricultural economy. As global economies shifted, and demand for different products fluctuated, in the 19th and 20th centuries we became an industrial economy. In 1970, another shift transformed global economies and our role as the industrial powerhouse in the world began to fade. In 1970, more than a quarter of all Americans were working… Keep Reading

Lots of Bernie Supporters Are Republican – They won’t Vote for Hillary Regardless, So F ’em

Democrats, don’t be frightened about all the stubborn Bernie supporters who keep insisting that they won’t vote for Hillary. My guess is that those voters are actually Republicans. They wanted Bernie, because he is a lightweight opponent compared to heavyweight Hillary. They wouldn’t vote for Hillary even if she was running against Vanilla Ice. If people really love Bernie’s platforms, the only plausible way that Hillary will carry them on, is if Bernie supporters go… Keep Reading

Trump Drops “Muslim” From Muslim Ban

How many Trump supporters will still endorse him now that Trump has centralized his far right Muslim ban and Mexican wall? Almost every presidential nominee will change their views from the primaries to the national run. Hence, I won’t attack Trump for making various balloon animals out of his Mexican wall and his Muslim ban. I will however, ridicule his supporters for actually believing such fantastic visions could become law. Makes you wonder, where Trump… Keep Reading

You Must Know the Secret Password if you Want to Volunteer for Trump – Seriously, I’m Not Kidding

Imagine you are a YUUUUUGE Trump supporter. Imagine the only vision in the whole wide world that doesn’t distress your little Trumpkin heart, is The Donald and his killer hair and his golden tan. And let’s also imagine you are walking down Fifth Avenue in New York City and you happen to find yourself at the cathedral of all holy places, Trump Tower! Beneath the summer sun, the building seems illustrious, as if it was… Keep Reading

Green Party Takes a Hit with Brexit Vote

According to top environmentalists, as a result of Britain’s decision to leave the EU, many safeguards to protect Britain’s wildlife as well as to fight climate change, may be fed to the birds. A big proponent for Britain to remain in the EU was Friends of the Earth. Under a framework of countries working together, enormous environmental problems are easier to tackle. More than 70% of British environmental regulation was set by European legislation. Now… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Election

Why Aren’t Any of Those Loyal Trump Supporters Volunteering For Him?

Donald Trump has a great imagination. Some of his most surreal fantasies include a wall magically built by Mexicans and the power to snap his fingers and eleven million immigrants disappear. An even more outlandish delusion of Trump’s is that he might be able to win Presidency with no campaign at all. His list of campaign problems all spawn from his lack of money. Trump’s campaign has less money than most senators running for re-election.… Keep Reading

Finally – Hillary Gets Bernt

This morning, Bernie Sanders said that he will vote for Hillary. I could devote a few articles to all of the deplorable comments that Bernie made about Hillary during the primaries. It was the primaries though and that is how the primaries work. Hillary was the first Goliath that Bernie had to slay. His attacks on Hillary certainly defiled her image among his supporters. All venom aside, Hillary’s only crimes are the accusations fueled on… Keep Reading

This is Why Donors Shouldn’t Waste Another Penny on Trump’s Campaign

I remember when I was a freshman in high school, I ran for class secretary. I learned that it is more fun to write about politics than actually engage in it. I lost big time to the star basketball player. Over dinner, my family helped me out with my speech. They suggested different platforms I should promote. I like to think that I lost to my opponent’s popularity. What else do high school freshmen weigh… Keep Reading

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