A few weeks ago I wrote about one of the many Trump scandals that I was shocked never made much of an appearance on the “liberal media”. It was about Trump University and the many lawsuits alleging that Donald Trump defrauded high school graduates looking to pursue an education. Lured by the name Trump, they signed up. Trump University turned out to be nothing more than a fraud. Countless prospective students got their bank accounts pillaged but no education.


Lawsuits all over the country began to catapult into Trump Towers. It is up to the state’s Attorney General however, to decide whether or not that state will file a lawsuit against the defendant. New York indeed filed charges against Donald Trump. Although Pam Bondi, Florida’s Attorney General, received lawsuits alleging Florida citizens were bamboozled by Donald Trump, she decided not to file charges against him.

While she was mulling over this decision, Pam Bondi defied all political ethics by asking Trump for a donation. As soon as her office received Trump’s $25,000 donation, she decided to thumb her nose at her constituents who were defrauded by Trump, and not to press charges against him!

In September, 2013 campaign finance records show that Bondi’s political committee, And Justice for All (isn’t that a great name for Bondi’s “political” team), received the $25,000 donation that Bondi had requested from Donald Trump.

The Associated Press reported that Bondi’s consultant, Marc Reichelderfer, admitted that Bondi personally solicited the donation from Trump.

The next chapter in this unsightly matter began yesterday when a Boston lawyer filed a lawsuit against Bondi and Trump alleging violation of bribery laws.

If I was a Republican, if I wasn’t walking across a really busy highway, I would be especially petrified about this lawsuit. The scary thing about this case is that nothing is up for speculation. The established facts alone could warrant a steep penalty for both politicians. Every sordid detail in the case is public knowledge. Members of both Trump’s and Bondi’s cabinet have admitted that Bondi requested a donation from the Republican presidential nominee, and when she got it, she dropped the case against him. Hence, the case should be quick – open and shut.


Not just because Trump is in a presidential election, but there are plenty of reasons that this criminal bribery case would be sped through the legal system.

“This complaint is urgent because it concerns the corruption of an elected and presently serving state Attorney General by an individual who is expected to represent the Republican Party as its candidate for President of the United States,” the complaint details.

With more than 3,500 OTHER lawsuits involving Donald Trump or one of his companies as a defendant, Donald Trump becomes the only presidential nominee to be facing so many lawsuits during an election.

What I had such a tough time swallowing, was how the entire Republican base threw up such a fuss about Hillary and Benghazi. Did you know the Republicans spent more money investigating Benghazi, which amounted in absolutely nothing, than they did investigating 911!


Now, all they have left is her email debacle. Many legal analysts doubt that even a crime was committed. In the harshest of all sentences, Hillary could be charged with negligence. By using her personal email account to send political messages, Republicans allege that Hillary was risking American confidential material. A great analogy would be if you had a top secret document and instead of throwing it in a recycle bin, it goes in the regular trash, and someone eventually reads it.

No one disputes that if Hillary was charged for anything in this email mess, it would be unintentional. A pebble in a sandstorm, compared to Trump’s fraud and bribery charges.

For a party who doesn’t care about Trump’s list of charges including fraud and bribery, you’d think they wouldn’t be bothered with Hillary’s mismanagement charges.