This morning, Bernie Sanders said that he will vote for Hillary. I could devote a few articles to all of the deplorable comments that Bernie made about Hillary during the primaries. It was the primaries though and that is how the primaries work. Hillary was the first Goliath that Bernie had to slay.

His attacks on Hillary certainly defiled her image among his supporters. All venom aside, Hillary’s only crimes are the accusations fueled on Fox News. Or, her reaction to her husband’s extramarital affair. I’m still not sure how that one could even be perceived a crime, though anti-Hillary advertisements on television are about that exact issue. If the only wrong doing you could find on Hillary is how she called a lady who her husband slept with “a loony”, I think it is only indicative of how desperate attacks against her are.


Look at Benghazi and how that backfired for Republicans. Republicans, who vehemently fight against feeding starving families, spent millions of dollars in this convoluted trial to implicate Hillary in the Benghazi embassy atrocities. Eventually, Trey Gowdy even admitted that Hillary did nothing wrong.

“Whether or not they could have gotten there in time, they couldn’t. I don’t think there’s any question about that.”

Como what?

The entire basis of this Republican witch hunt was that the military could have gotten there in time and rescue the Americans that wound up being killed, if only Secretary Clinton called them into action as opposed to ordering them to stand down.


Any hay stalk chewing Republican will throw a hissy fit if the government gives a microwavable dinner to a starving and impoverished little child, but if the government spends millions of dollars on a futile publicity stunt, that’s all good.

And then we have the Clinton Foundation that puts food in the mouths of thousands of starving people across the world, it also provides medicine and education.

Hillary Clinton and her family donated $105,000 to veterans’ organizations from 2006 to 2012, her campaign said. In addition, the foundation gave to eight groups around the country anything from $5,000 to $25,000: the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society; Operation Gratitude, a California-based charity that sends care packages to American troops; and a golf-based rehabilitation program in Tacoma, Wash.


Mrs. Clinton raised money for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, which supports families of American military personnel who died or were wounded during their service.


I understand that Trump supporters can be tricked to thinking Hillary is evil. How a millionaire, whose donations are small enough to fit in a Smucker’s jar, can actually smear a politician who heads one of the most charitable organizations in the world, is beyond me. But (most) Bernie supporters are democrats and democrats are educated. It is surprising that they could be duped as easily as Republicans.

 The fact that conservatives are so obsessed with an issue which most people do not even consider a crime, just re-confirms that Republicans have nothing on Hillary. The Donald however, is douched in an ocean of criminal activity. Does that bother members of the “religious right”? When you look to Donald Trump as some sort of ethical compass, you aren’t the sharpest tool in the shed. The religious right is endorsing someone like Donald Trump yet criticizing Hillary whose foundation has helped countless people around the world with medicines and education. Every time a republican defends this disgusting animal, they are just digging another shovel in their grave. Democrats should know better.

At least Bernie has now begun his Hillary campaign.