Democrats, don’t be frightened about all the stubborn Bernie supporters who keep insisting that they won’t vote for Hillary. My guess is that those voters are actually Republicans. They wanted Bernie, because he is a lightweight opponent compared to heavyweight Hillary. They wouldn’t vote for Hillary even if she was running against Vanilla Ice.


If people really love Bernie’s platforms, the only plausible way that Hillary will carry them on, is if Bernie supporters go to her. In other words, by continuing to hate Hillary they are flagrantly rejecting any chance of Bernie’s platforms enduring after he is out of the race. Bernie Sanders has even said that he will endorse Hillary is she is willing to take on some of his progressive platforms. If someone was really gung-ho for Bernie’s ideas, you’d think they would be able to swallow their pride and support Hillary. Considering that even Bernie has pledged his allegiance to her, they should have no problem supporting Hillary. Unless they are just focused on tearing Hillary down. What Democrat would do that?

There are even a few Bernie supporters who will vote for Trump over Hillary. Any green Bernie supporter that is fine with Trump’s promise to get rid of Obama’s measures to reduce emissions, cancel the Paris climate agreement, rebuild the coal industry, and support fracking either has no idea what Bernie’s platforms were or, like I said, is a Republican rooting for Bernie in an attempt to get Donald elected. Donald has even said in the past that he is not “a great believer” in man-made climate change.

For about the first few weeks of the primary season, I liked Bernie. I admired the grassroots passion that seemed to follow him wherever he went. I admired his tremendous loyal fan base – even larger than Obamas’! I admired his platforms. I even defended him a number of times in arguments. My Republican acquaintances would propose, “Free education and free healthcare – that’ll never happen.”


I would always counter, that many industrialized nations around the world offer similar benefits, and are healthy thriving economies.

They would say how much smaller those countries are than America.

And I would say, America has more millionaires to tax.

Eventually, though, I fell behind Hillary. More than Bernie or Hillary, I am a Democrat. Like most Democrats, I am educated. I understand that bashing Hillary only helps one orange man.

Intelligence is another reason why lots of Bernie supporters must be Republicans trying to help Trump. The Donald has been a Democrat for most of his life. His entire family also voted Democrat. Why did he decide to run as a Republican then? Because his two penny opera would have never flown with Democrats. Not counting his Magical Wall and Muslim Ban, two platforms that would never be implemented, Trump has not given any platforms! He is captivated uneducated voters with his hot wife and his barrage of funny one liners. Democrats would never be tricked like that.

All statistics illustrate that Democrats are generally more educated than Republicans. To my point, you can’t be the sharpest tool in the shed, if you are a Democrat but refuse to endorse Hillary as a result of Fox News allegations. It makes no sense because it isn’t true.

Now that Bernie has vowed to vote for Hillary, what is the point of a Democrat to continue this malicious rage against Hillary? The venom is boiling. Just browse the messages of any political website. 

I propose that many of these Bernie supporters, that spend much of the day spewing spiteful messages aimed at Hillary, are not Democrats, but rather Republicans. 


Bernie became a Democrat before entering this presidential race. Before that, he was an independent senator. He is a self-described socialist. He is certainly very liberal on some issues, yet very conservative on others. His devotion to gun companies, for example, is as conservative as you can get. He may not be the staunchest Republican, but lots of Republicans found themselves rooting for Bernie Sanders this election.

Few things disgusted Republicans more than Bernie’s Socialist platforms. But if Bernie did happen to become president, he had a fat chance in hell of getting his FDRish bills through what should remain a Republican congress. A lot of Democrats probably wouldn’t have voted for it anyway. Hence, Republicans didn’t worry about America becoming Socialist.


Also, anti-Wall Street is a growing passion in the Republican party. Rand Paul arguably lost the nomination because of his crusade against big business. Such sentiments don’t fly well with Republicans. With independents like Sanders, not so much of a problem. The best of both worlds. Paul wanted to audit the Federal Reserve, denounced Wall Street and advocated an end to corporate welfare. Bernie was very similar to these views.

I save the best for last. He isn’t Hillary Clinton. In fact, if Bernie Sanders would have beaten Hillary, Donald Trump’s chances of being the next president would have been greatly increased. As a result, it seemed that Bernie didn’t have a bigger ally than The Donald.