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This is Why Republicans Should be Very Very Scared

In 2012, the republican nominee did best in Utah. Utah is considered a safe haven for republicans. This has nothing to do with Donny and Marie. Rather, the predominant cluster of Mormons living in Utah, ensure that the state always swings to the right. The Pew Research Center labeled the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as the most pro-Republican group. 70% of LDS members prefer republican with 11% opting for the democrat. The… Keep Reading

Why Didn’t Anyone Care When Junior Refused to Link Terrorism with a Religion?

Every republican in the country is ranting about President Obama’s refusal to connect the deplorable acts of terrorism that occur in our country with ‘Islamic’ or ‘Muslims’. The Islamic State, ISIL, is a group of radical extremists terrorizing the Middle East. President Obama commented that “ISIL is not ‘Islamic’, but a ‘terrorist organization, pure and simple.”  After another attack on our shores, by someone who pledged allegiance to ISIS, this argument is yet again, front… Keep Reading

Remembering the Republican Rainbow Coalition

What a difference two years make. Two years ago – dam, it felt good to be a rhino. They dominated the mid term elections – nearly winning every single contested race. Also, a “colorful” cast of characters were emerging on the GOP stage that served to disqualify the usual condemning description of the party as “old white guys”.  (It’ll be effective if the Muppet theme song plays in your head while reading my descriptions of… Keep Reading

Trump Using Same Selling Tricks on Americans as he did on Trump University Students

There is no denying that Donald Trump has captured the devotion of much of America. The following that he has amassed is nothing short of exceptional. A few months ago, the Donald’s supporters were low income, uneducated white supremacists. Back then, his candidacy was a joke. The press constantly mocked the cross-burning, swastika-wearing, moonshine-drinking crowd at Trump rallies. But now, the conservative intellectual elites like Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio are also jumping aboard the… Keep Reading

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