Any job falls into one of three categories – agricultural, industry and services. About two hundred years ago, America was an agricultural economy. As global economies shifted, and demand for different products fluctuated, in the 19th and 20th centuries we became an industrial economy. Such economies thrive on foreigners.

In 1970, another shift transformed global economies and our role as the industrial powerhouse in the world began to fade. In 1970, more than a quarter of all Americans were working manufacturing jobs. By 2010, that number was about one in ten. Today, it is even smaller. This massive slide in the manufacturing industry started before China became the imminent manufacturing giant, although Trump drones will tell you otherwise.


Trump’s quest to bring America jobs back home is nice. It certainly gets a cheer out of the crowds at those Trump rallies. But he might as well be treating everyone to a free weekend at his Mar-a-lago Resort, cause it won’t happen and it can’t happen.

The world has changed. Our future is about technology. Our future is not about Laverne and Shirley fastening broom stick handles on an assembly line.

In fact, many countries around the world are preparing for this digital era by training huge segments of their populations. The ebusiness readiness of Peru, Colombia, China, Vietnam, Nigeria, Pakistan, Romania and Indonesia grew at a compound annual growth rate of at least two percent between 2005 and 2010, leaving more developed countries in the dust.


Instead of training for the digital era of tomorrow, Donald Trump is suggesting we retreat to the industrial age of yesterday.

No one understands the global marketplace more than Donald Trump. He is the first person to recognize that America is not an industrial economy anymore. He knows this, yet he keeps repeating this faulty and damaging logic. Why? Cause the topic sure as heck fire gets his voting block excited.


As strange as this might seem to any loyal Trumpkin, although Donald desperately wants to “bring American jobs back home”, he is the first person to replace American workers with foreigners.

According to Reuters,

“The Mar-a-Lago, a luxury resort in Palm Beach, Florida, has sought the most foreign workers of the nine Trump businesses: 787 workers since 2006, according to the data.”


U.S. Department of Labor data reveals that Trump owned companies have sought at least 1100 foreigners on temporary visas since 2000. Trump defends this disgusting hypocrisy, by saying these were jobs that no Americans would want. Jobs like an assistant golf-course superintendent, an assistant hotel manager and a banquet manager are well below the dignity of an American. This doesn’t even include the sought after visas for about 250 foreign fashion models.

I actually was inspired to write this article, by watching Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson defend Trump’s past profiting from the same pool of foreign labor he now says is killing America. She defended it with the old, Trump is a businessman and like all businessmen, he ran his companies to make the best profits.

So that makes it okay?

Are there really Americans stupid enough to agree with her?


Is there not a clear hypocrisy here? Trump can hire foreign workers to save money but you can’t. If it means saving a few dollars, Trump can replace your dad’s job with someone in Pakistan, but no one else can.

Every day, I hear something from his fat lips or one of his spokespeople that defies logic. If he had just one supporter, I would be equally astonished as the crowds of supporters that he does have.