How many Trump supporters will still endorse him now that Trump has centralized his far right Muslim ban and Mexican wall?

Almost every presidential nominee will change their views from the primaries to the national run. Hence, I won’t attack Trump for making various balloon animals out of his Mexican wall and his Muslim ban. I will, however, ridicule his supporters for actually believing such fantastic visions could become law. Makes you wonder, where Trump would be today if he never captivated America with those ideas.

Considering those are the only two platforms he has offered, you would assume he wouldn’t have made it this far. Then again, Trump’s hypnotic sway over his devoted following has made a mockery of all assumptions.


Trump’s soaring rise to the top started the moment that he squawked his idea to build a wall to keep them illegals out. More specifically, Trump wants to build a wall along the U.S. border. The real kicker though, Trump expects Mexico to pay for it. Former Mexican President Vincente Fox said about this wall, 

I’m not going to pay for that f***ing wall.

Like a watch swaying between a hypnotist’s fingers, this preposterous and unrealistic conviction certainly bewitched most Trump supporters.

After all, the majority of Trump supporters that crowned him Republican prince, have been middle America working class – the same people who have lost jobs to illegals. During the primaries, ask someone listening to Kid Rock in the parking lot of a Trump rally, why they are supporting him, most of them would’ve said something about illegals.


Trump’s plan to get Mexico to pay for this wall is more surreal than a David Lynch film. He discovered a provision in the Patriot Act that forces financial institutions to demand identity documents from people opening accounts. Trump plans on redefining this rule to include money transfer companies like the Western Union, and then forbidding people who aren’t U.S. citizens from using such services. According to the man behind the curtain’s ultimate plan, Mexico will protest this new money order procedure. Trump will tell Mexico that all they have to do to rectify everything is to pay for a wall. Just a single check for $10 billion should suffice.

Just hours earlier, Trump changed his Muslim ban by dropping the word Muslim. Now, instead of banning Muslims from entering the country, he is banning people from “terrorist nations”. In fact, this call to ban people of one of the largest religions on the planet from entering our country has been revised by the Trump campaign twice in three days.


A Trump spokesperson said,

It doesn’t matter where you’re coming from, except for fact that the terrorist nations, which is something he is adding to this policy to make it more clear, that if you are coming from a hostile nation and you can not be vetted, absolutely you should not come into this country.

On Saturday, the Trump campaign changed their initial Muslim ban by singling out only Muslims from terrorist nations. This didn’t seem like a very effective Muslim ban because it could be easily diverted by just taking a flight to some non-terrorist nation and then going to America. Trump was graced with this revelation at a press conference in Scotland, when a reporter mockingly asked Donald Trump if Muslims from Scotland were allowed to get to America. And with that question, Trump’s megalithic Muslim ban began to erode.