Why Aren’t Any of Those Loyal Trump Supporters Volunteering For Him?

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Donald Trump has a great imagination. Some of his most surreal fantasies include a wall magically built by Mexicans and the power to snap his fingers and eleven million immigrants disappear. An even more outlandish delusion of Trump’s is that he might be able to win Presidency with no campaign at all.

His list of campaign problems all spawn from his lack of money. Trump’s campaign has less money than most senators running for re-election.

Another enormous problem is that his campaign staff is practically non-existent. The Donald is unable to find people to help him out. There are some talented GOP brains out there – not many, but a few. However, none of the GOP’s most talented big wigs are willing to work for the The Donald. All across the country, Republican professionals are unable to get over their disgust towards the nominee.


In their defense, aligning themselves with a politician who has publicly denounced several enormous demographics, including Hispanics, women and those of the Islamic faith, could cause problems with their constituencies.

Any politician that campaigns for Trump runs the risk of having to explain why they supported the candidate but not his discriminatory views.

Also, what busy politician will fork over precious months of their time to campaign for a politician, whose future looks bleak. Would you campaign for someone to be president if they didn’t speak English? Of course not, because they won’t win.


In the past, the primaries would create an enormous pool of staffers. When the primaries are over, all of these staffers would usually be more than willing to jump aboard the single prevailing nominee’s ship. But these staffers are thinking twice about that orange vessel.

“How do you work for somebody like that? What would I tell my family?” Brent Swander, an Ohio based operative, who was worked in Republican presidential campaigns since George W.

Matt McDonald, who was a part of George W.’s cabinet said,

I wouldn’t vote for Trump, much less work for him. I don’t agree with half his ideas, and the other half I don’t really believe what he said.

Chris Wilson, an integral component of the Ted Cruz’ team, said that Trump tried to get them aboard, but every campaign staffer ignored him.


There are so many Trump supporters out there, I don’t understand why don’t they volunteer. The guy really needs their help.

Scott Smith, an operative who worked for Cruz, Bush and Rick Perry said, “It’s very clear that none of us are going to work for Trump. Even if I wanted to work for Trump, my wife would kill me.”

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