I surf the internet a lot for interesting political stories. Sometimes I read these headlines that Trump is destroying Hillary with Hispanics or with African Americans, and before I shake my head in disbelief I check out who conducted the poll. Usually, the culprits are conservative leaning polls. Like this one, from dailycaller, a conservative news source:

I know a ‘conservative leaning poll’ sounds like the mother of all hyperboles – an oxymoron of collossal stature! A poll is supposed to be an accurate depiction of society. Why would anyone care about a biased poll? If you are stupid enough to believe it, I guess the poll might make you feel better. Although it is not true, as long as it reassures someone’s opinion, polls can be very satisfying. What’s the point of a poll, if it is biased? We could say the same thing about the source we get our news from. Who wants to get their news from a channel that is slanted in one direction?


One of the nation’s leading polls however, Rasmussen, is regular business partners with Fox news. In 2008, Fox News hired Rasmussen to conduct general election polls. You’ll be amazed if you listen to Fox News for an hour and count how many times they cite Rasmussen polling.

Still, that doesn’t answer why a polling company, whose main purpose is to accurately reflect society, would have loyalty to a third party, and present a skewed reflection. If we digest the fact that Rasmussen, for example, is in bed with Fox News, things become a little bit more clear.

I don’t think anyone will argue that Fox News’ number one goal is high ratings – capitalism in its most primitive form. In a capitalistic society, all companies should be focused on profits above everything else. Profits are why Americans keep on truckin’.


Another irrefutable fact, is that Fox News is more conservative than anything else on television. Fox understands that an enormous group of their viewers are conservative, and they are watching Fox because of that single reason. If Fox ditched their elephant costume, I wonder how many viewers would remain.

The fact that Fox News is so huge, is a remarkable indication of both American politics and American society. For example, a Democratic sided news station would simply never survive. Democrats are generally more educated. Democrats are more interested in what is happening in our world than what they would like to be happening in our world.

Of course, if Democrats, like Republicans, were free-falling down this surreal abyss of fanaticism and intolerance, perhaps they too, would be more fascinated with a whimsical depiction of reality.


A great example of this apocryphal Republican deception, would be the outcome of the 2012 election. You have my word that political science classes for hundreds of years will be studying Romney’s defeat. Unless of course, Trump wins the presidency. In that case, I doubt this planet would survive a couple of months. Anyway, last election, Republicans were so adamant that Romney wouldn’t just win, but was going to clean house.

Here are the predictions of some of the most brilliant Republican minds :

Dick Morris – “Prediction: Romney 325, Obama 213”

Glenn Beck –  “321-217 victory for Romney in the electoral college.”

Rush Limbaugh – “Everything — Except the Polls — Points to a Romney Landslide”

Michael Barone –  “Romney Beats Obama, Handily”

George Will –  Romney 321, Obama 217

Newsmax – “Expect a Mitt Romney Landslide”

Larry Kudlow –  “I am now predicting a 330 vote electoral landslide.”


Fox News VP Neil Cavuto blamed his channel’s pundits insanely wrong intel on the Wisconsin recall poll.

Cavuto defended his channel to Imus in the Morning, “Ok. Now it’s easy to be Nostradamus…Do you remember the time of the Wisconsin recall? The polls were dead even going into the final weekend. It turns out he won by five or six points, so there was a sentiment expressed that maybe there was something wrong these polls, and maybe they undercount Republicans.”

Apparently, during coverage of one of the most important news events of the decade, Fox News decided to ignore every national poll and instead, based their predictions of a Romney victory on the fact that polls were off the mark on the Wisconsin recall election.

Either you believe that excuse and accept the fact that Fox News is a terrible news organization, that relies on their instinct as opposed to the results of every single national poll, or you have to consider another alternative.


What if Fox News’ ultimate goal, even more than their loyalty to their viewers, is to inflate the advertising costs on their channel?Quite simply, the more viewers, the higher price a commercial costs. They could have presented more accurate polls, which would have revealed Romney’s inevitable defeat. But how many of those knuckle dragging troglodytes would stay tuned to Fox News?

Hysterically, Cavuto told Imus that viewers should ignore the apparently atrocious opinions of Newt Gingrich, Dick Morris, Karl Rove, and the rest of Rupert’s Our Gang, and just trust them because they have a sweet track record.

I would have loved it if Imus asked him which Fox track record he considered “sweet”.

Fox News does a lot better with ratings when a Democrat is a president. Maybe that is why Democrats can’t seem to lose.