Roll over Dolley Madison, if The Donald wins it, I’d say we’d have a new all time hottest first lady! She may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but she sure is super hot. On another channel or another program, I could not find fault with her. The woman is beautiful. Except, I wasn’t watching Skinemax but rather, the Republican convention. As a result, I was quite critical and I found several flaws.



Irony is so beautiful. The Donald managed to thumb his nose at women, Hispanics, and Middle Easterns. After he degraded all of these enormous demographics amazingly, he became the Republican nominee! It was as if Republican voters were so enamored with his polished hair and his hot wife, that they never stopped to ask if this person, who had never held an elected position, was ready for the most important position in the world. He soared in the primaries. On top of the blatant discrimination, Trump is currently the defendant of numerous class actions alleging fraud. Republicans didn’t care. His beautiful trophy wife turns out to be the one to stop The Donald in his tracks. Irony throws down the hammer!

I will start with her speech, which easily will go down as possibly the worst speech ever given at a party convention. Not because it wasn’t well written. In fact, she plagiarized the current First Ladies speech. The three most important parts of the Republican Convention are The Donald’s speech, his wife’s speech and Mike Pence’s speech. Melania said that she wrote it. That nugget was quickly squashed by Trump’s campaign, who said a team of speech writers wrote it. Apparently, now The Donald is resorting to his initial excuse, and tossing his wife under the bus. What a great guy!


It’s easier to believe Melania wrote it. A presidential nominee speech writer is quite an auspicious job. What presidential speech writer will copy the current First Lady’s convention speech? A presidential speech writer is able to create their own speeches. For whatever reason, if they must plagiarize a speech, take one from a hundred years ago. By having Melania give, word for word, Michelle Obama’s speech is sort of like political suicide. According to Trump, ‘Obama could be the worst president of all times’, but his wife gave such an inspirational speech my wife will copy it??!!

Maybe to save some money, Trump did have Melania, or one of the kids, write the speech. If that was the case, you’d think someone in Trump’s campaign, knowledgeable with speeches, would proof it first.

The speech aside, Melania’s dress was beautiful. Except, it was designed by London-based and Serbian-born designer Roksanda Ilincic. I wouldn’t think anything of it, but The Donald’s catchy slogan is ‘Make America Great Again’. The person who benefited from her pathetic speech the most, was the London based fashion designer. Minutes after her speech, the $2,000 dress sold out!


I’m sure there are a lot of American fashion designers who really would have loved to have Melania wear their dress. Imagine the great P.R. story that would have produced. Unfortunately, Trump’s brilliant campaign team, his daughter and his step son, didn’t think of that.

Here is an excerpt of how Melania was described in the official program of the Republican National Convention.

After obtaining a degree in design and architecture at University in Slovenia, Melania was jetting between photo shoots in Paris and Milan, finally settling in New York in 1996…


As if a desperate middle schooler writing a report on Chines textiles in the 15th century, whoever wrote the program for the Republican National Convention, copied Melania’s biography directly from her website!

…After obtaining a degree in design and architecture at University in Slovenia, Melania was jetting between photo shoots in Paris and Milan, finally settling in New York in 1996…

To make matters even more bizarre, it turns out the Melania never graduated any university, not even Trump University. According to Melania’s biography, written a few years ago, she dropped out of the university after her freshman year.

Oh yeah, if The Donald became president, Americans could finally brag that we have a First Lady that did nude modeling!

I saved the best example of irony for last. Maybe if Republicans allocated more money to education, instead of pouring money out of our schools, then Republicans across the country might be smarter and would have foreseen the consequences of nominating The Donald.

On second thought, the more uneducated people the better for Republicans.