In March, comedian Louis C.K. sent a letter to fans in which he referred to The Donald as Hitler.

Melania Trump raced to her husband’s aid during an interview. She proudly announced to America that, “We know the truth. He is not Hitler.”


Such a flimsy assurance might have convinced the most loyal Trumpkins, but I still want more proof that Donald Trump is not Hitler incarnate.

The more these suspicions kept reeling through my head, the more frightened I became. Fearing that Hitler might become our next president, I couldn’t even fall asleep. At some ungodly hour in the morning, I jumped out of bed and did some research. They are both German. Both of them would probably call themselves ‘Aryans’. They both controlled a huge empire. They both despised black people and immigrants. It turns out that Hitler died April 30, 1945. Guess who was born the very next year, roughly the same period as the incarnation process takes? Yup, Donald Drumpf.


But The Donald controls a global empire that could have never been achieved with such diabolical venom for other races. Also, his son in law is Jewish. Also, he was a Democrat for most of his life. Hitler would have never been down with such liberal attributes. But in the same vein, Hitler would have to convey this mask of neutrality in his attempt at becoming president.

Thus we have the same argument between white supremacists and Jewish people, each group certain that Trump is really for them and just tricking the other one. Not many Jewish people support Trump. However, there is an ample amount, enough to raise some eyebrows.


Rabbi Bernhard Rosenberg, for example, the founder of the Facebook group Rabbis for Trump, defends Donald Trump. He claims that that conversion to Orthodox Judaism of Trump’s daughter, convinces him that Trump supports Jews.

Trump has managed to gain the support of these starkly conflicting groups by seducing them with some tempting offers. For the white supremacist, The Donald is the first president who wants to kick out Hispanics and he also wants to build a wall to keep them out. Music to a racist’s ears! Trump also stalled before disavowing David Duke’s endorsement, the former KKK leader. That was all it took for The Donald to get Neo-Nazis to refer to him as their “Glorious Leader”.

David Duke, 27-year-old Ku Klux Klan leader, poses in his Klan robes in front of the House of Parliament in London in March of 1978. Although he was banned from entering Britain, he arrived here by way of a Skytrain flight from New York. (AP Photo)

To a large amount of Jewish people, Trump’s unvarnished support of Israel is enough for them to put aside any feuds they might have had with other Trumpkins.

Early in Trump’s campaign, he promised to stay neutral on Israel and Palestine. Back then, Trump was skeptical about handing over billions of dollars to Israel in military contributions. Trump refused to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

But then overnight, The Donald changed his mind. Trump tweeted that the Republican platform he drafted was  the “most pro-Israel of all time!”  The platform states, “Support for Israel is an expression of Americanism. … We reject the false notion that Israel is an occupier.”


So that is how The Great Deceiver manages to juggle both the Jewish and the White Supremacist.