Unless a Republican politician is caught knocking on an airport bathroom stall wall, they usually get forgiven. Everyone deserves a second chance. About 15 years ago, Mike Pence’s campaign scandal was so atrocious that it cost him his congressional run. During that election, Mike Pence and the campaign financing violations he committed, became an Indiana laughing stock. As he limped off stage, it looked as if his political career was over. 15 years later though, he has gained forgiveness, and risen to the second highest Republican position in the land!

Apparently, because Hillary is a Democrat, and because her crimes are only flimsy allegations with no evidence to back up, she does not deserve the same forgiveness among Republicans.


Few people are as enmeshed in sin and debauchery as Donald Trump. He has been married three times! He is a named defendant in 1,300 lawsuits! Ranging from skirmishes to defamation to fraud, if there is a crime, chances are, The Donald has been charged for it. Despite Trump’s scandalous intemperance, he has managed to earn the religious right’s presidential nomination.

Donald Trump could very well be the closest replication of a human Satan. Ironically, Hillary Clinton is the one they call ‘crooked’. About 70% of all Trump speeches are spent discussing how “Hillary is the most crooked politician of all times.” Why? Six times republicans initiated an investigation of her, and six times they discerned there was not enough evidence for a trial. There is absolutely nothing on her except allegations. If someone stupid hears that the earth is flat enough times, they will eventually believe it.


In an attempt for someone as sinful as Donald Trump to earn the respect of the religious right, Donald’s chosen Vice President is as conservative and “seemingly” religious as you get. Mike Pence exemplifies all of the ultra right platforms that have become the backbone of the religious right.

However, Mike Pence is nothing like that saintly image from the bible our society associates with benevolence. The religious right’s depiction of a benevolent martyr is much different from the bibles’. When Mike Pence forced a Planned Parenthood to shut down, which included an HIV center, an HIV epidemic erupted in Indiana. Potentially, hundreds of people could have been spared AIDS, if Mike Pence wasn’t compelled to tear down an institution that offers medicinal help for impoverished women.

In 1990, Mike Pence used almost $13,000 in campaign funds to pay for his own mortgage and golf tournament fees. At the time, Pence didn’t break any laws. Now, Pence would potentially be locked in some jail cell. During that congressional election in Indiana, the only damage Pence suffered was the outrage of the voters.


“If you’re giving money to Mike Pence, you’re paying his mortgage!” A campaign worker with Pence’s incumbent Democrat Philip R. Sharp said.

The $13,000 he stole from campaign donations paid seven $992 mortgage payments and seven of his wife’s $222 car payments. Some of the stolen loot went to pay for groceries, and his credit cards, and even a couple rounds of golf tournaments. And this crook is who Trump is hoping could help him with the religious right?

By all means, (besides Hillary) humans are not perfect. Whether it be Trump University’s sweeping fraud or Mike Pence pocketing campaign funds, everyone deserves a second chance. Some of us even, like Donald Trump, deserve 5th and 6th chances. Imagine if Hillary committed either of those crime! But when Republicans rally against someone as virtuous as Hillary, who has committed absolutely no crime, one must question the motives of the “religious right”.


It is laughable that Mike Pence and Donald Trump, who together have committed more crimes than the average jailbird, can persuade the masses with their righteousness. Are their people really gullible enough to support Mike Pence, who has stolen donations, because of his devotion to a set of conservative ethics? Disgusting!