Obama’s approval rating is nearly as high as it has ever been. In fact, the only time when it was higher was right after he caught Osama Bin Liden. This is great news for Obama. But more noteworthy, is how terrible this news is for The Donald.


A president nearing the end of his TWO TERM candidacy with approval ratings as high as his, is indicative of how good a job he has done.

However, most Republicans will scoff at such a thought. Most Republicans are convinced that Obama is the worst president of all time. Donald Trump for example, preached at one of his rallies how “Obama will go down as one of the worst presidents of all time.”

When Trump was asked to defend his bold accusation, instead of giving a valid reason concerning the economy or foreign affairs or even domestic affairs, the only excuse that Trump gave as to why he feels Obama is the worst president…EVER, is because Obama is “ignorant”.


Lame answer yes, but quite telling of the republican state of affairs and how apparently, they still have a distance left to plummet.

It is fascinating to imagine how roughly half the country would think Obama is so terrible, when in fact his approval ratings are sky high. I blame the power of the media. Think of the masterful deceit required to convince half the country that their president is doing a bad job, when actually according to the polls, their president is doing a great job.

Of course, the intellect of the manipulated audience can’t be very sharp. The vast majority of Fox viewers are generally less educated. If you don’t believe that little nugget of wisdom, type ‘poll fox news viewers least informed’ in Google, and you will be amazed how many polls back me up on that.


If an individual only surrounds themselves with media that reiterates their opinions, that is indicative of a lack of intelligence. Who wants their news delivered from a news source that will only present a certain side of the story? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of news? It’s sort of like listening to a blind man’s analysis of a boxing match or getting your weather from a local Alaskan television station when you live in Florida.

How are these zombies formed? In the most advanced society in the history of civilization, how can half of the population be so easily manipulated, like puppets dancing on a stage?

The media.


Let’s say your parents raised you as a proud gun-toting Republican. You may not agree with their stance on abortion or gay marriage or trickle down economics or legalization, but regardless, for some reason, you are a proud Republican.

As a result, while you eat breakfast you watch Fox and Friends. While driving to work you listen to Glenn Beck. At night, you sit on the couch and watch The O’Reilly Factor.

Remember how Mitt Romney was doing so good during last election…up until election night? Every day Fox news would present these poll numbers that had Romney ahead which, in turn, made their viewers feel good about themselves which, in turn, kept these viewers tuned in to Fox. Of course, these viewers were bummed the day after, but Fox got some great ratings during election night. What else really matters?


Just like Fox portrayed Romney as a sure winner, when he was anything but, Fox wants to make Obama a loser when he is anything but. Fox viewership might go down if they started portraying Obama as the champion politician that he is.

After two terms, to have such high approval ratings is unheard of in US politics. Whoever the Democratic nominee is, will have the greatest ally in President Obama. Trump, might have Hulk Hogan and Mike Ditka, but the democratic nominee will have one of the most beloved presidents of our lifetime standing next to them on stage.