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“Smoking Doesn’t Kill” and more Horrifying Quotes from Mike Pence, our Potential Future President

Yeah, Trump’s VP choice Indiana Governor Mike Pence really said that! In his defense though, he was given $100,000 in campaign donations from the tobacco industry. Such a sweet donation probably persuaded Pence to vote against the 2009 Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco and Control Act. Pence passionately fought that the government should not be able to regulate people’s smoking habits, and even supported the fact that all those silly public health arguments against tobacco,… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Sarah Palin

Trump and Palin – the Republican Party has Become the Stupid Party

Overnight, Sarah Palin went from a moderate governor to a right-wing messiah. McCain’s shocking VP choice, was a dramatic boost to his poll numbers. In fact, when Sarah Palin was initially revealed to the national scene, during the 2008 presidential election, her approval ratings were sky high, you could count the amount of Republican politicians on one hand, who ever got such high approval ratings. Doesn’t that blow your mind? Sarah Palin, arguably the worst… Keep Reading

Donald Trump

The Best Trump Quotes – Yeah, this Guy is Really the Republican Nominee

All these quotes were spoken by Donald Trump: Do you have a favorite one? I have some of them inscribed on shirts. – “Laziness is a trait in blacks.” According to the Smoking Gun. –  “Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes every day.”        ‘The Down Side of Donald’. New York Times. Susan Lee. July… Keep Reading

The Day Bernie Dumped Me

“We all just have to unite and rally around Hillary now. To beat Trump. OK”? No. It’s not okay. After an anxious morning of waiting for events to unfold, I finally got a chance to scroll the news. And those dreaded whispers, which had spooked Bernie communities everywhere the past few days, were finally confirmed. I’m sure every Bernie supporter went through a similar whirlwind of different emotions as I did today around twelve o’clock.… Keep Reading

The Tangled Web of Republican Hypocrisy

Few things in the world, this side of Booby Trap, excite me as much as Republican hypocrisy. How better to prove my point, than to reveal the person that I am arguing with, lives their life contrary to their principles. In the same vein, most Republican hypocrisy stems from their perceived righteousness. The politician stumbles into that old church, somewhere in the middle of the country, the pews filled with their loyal subjects. The politician’s sweaty… Keep Reading

Bernie’s America Begins Today

Bernie just uttered that endorsement, that so many Bernie supporters vowed would never happen. I am certain that in time, most Bernie supporters will follow Bernie’s advice to think about the future instead of the past. Hillary is the future and Bernie’s extraordinary campaign was a thing of the past. Bernie got so many people involved in politics. A third of his supporters never voted before. That means a third of his enormous pool of… Keep Reading

Why Bernie Sanders will not endorse Hillary Clinton tomorrow

Mainstream media is speculating that Bernie will endorse Hillary Clinton tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow July 12, 2016 Bernie Sanders will abandon everything he’s ever believed in, everything he’s ever fought for and endorse an active opponent who blatantly participated in suppressing the voices of his supporters. I think not. He is working within the confines of a system he is actively trying to change. A system he has spent decades pushing to adopt a saner, more… Keep Reading

Bernie’s Last Stand

This weekend, the Democratic National Platform Committee met at the DoubleTree at Universal Orlando. Bernie supporters suffered a string of bitter defeats, as they tried to convince Hillary Democrats to include some of Bernie’s issues. Among Bernie’s platforms that Hillary refused to embrace is rejection of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The Democrat filled room exploded into applause when it was acknowledged that Hillary would not embrace Bernie’s TPP. In addition, a total ban on natural gas fracking… Keep Reading

It is Time for Democrats to Unite

A fresh water pearl mussel can live up to 250 years. They are typically tough creatures that adapt effortlessly to new environments. Regardless, different ecological factors have contributed to a dramatic decline in fresh water mussels. Contaminated seawater, for example, kills off many mussels. But the ones that remain are some of the strongest specimens in the world. In fact, mussels are the oldest living creatures in Europe. Like the fresh water mussel, our democracy… Keep Reading

According to Conservative Breitbart, Bernie Supporters are Racing Over to Hillary Not Trump

Now that Bernie has all but retired from this election, one constant threat you hear across the near empty stadiums Bernie gave his speeches at is, “I won’t vote for Hillary, I’ll just write Bernie’s name on the ballot.” I have written many articles on how those threats are really insignificant considering how many of those Bernie supporters were Republican or Independent, or anything but Democrat. Bernie Sanders after all, only became a democrat for… Keep Reading

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