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Trump, Clinton or Sanders – Who Shares Your Views on the Gun Issue

It seems these gun shootings occur at least once a week. Of course I am horrified whenever I learn of a new shooting, but my soul has become hardened to such atrocities. I am ashamed to admit such a thing. They are so common in our society, that no one could disagree that the same senseless shooting in the nineteen fifties or even sixties, before the NRA took hold of our government, would be much… Keep Reading

Realizing Wrong: An encounter with Racism

My eyes are blue, my hair is blonde (as long as I continue to have enough money to color it), otherwise it’s brown and lately, gray. When filling out an application, I check the box marked “Caucasian”. When I was 13 years old I was playing field hockey in my hometown of Provincetown, MA. Our high school team was having a particularly good season. After winning yet another game, we lined up to shake hands… Keep Reading

During Interview, Bernie Vows to Endorse Hillary

This short article is dedicated to those who read my article this morning and said it wasn’t true and that Bernie would never endorse Hillary. Bernie Sanders appeared on MSNBC’s All in With Chris Hayes on Wednesday night. Here is a part of the interview.   “And I think at the end of the day, there is going to be a coming together and we’re going to go forward together and not only defeat Trump… Keep Reading

Hillary Clinton/Obama

Obama’s Endorsement of Hillary SHOULD Silence Anti-Hillary Sentiment

Two days ago, Obama endorsed Hillary. It was a great day for Hillary. The endorsement came only hours after the FBI cleared Hillary in any wrongdoing of her far-fetched email scandal. A sitting president’s endorsement of a nominee is historically a huge thing. Lots of presidents, like Clinton and Bush Jr., due to lousy approval ratings, were not at the top of their game at the end of their terms. An endorsement by Junior would… Keep Reading

The Bernie Express Just Pulled into it’s Final Stop

Apparently, Bernie Sander’s cold reception from House Democrats Wednesday morning was something of a wake up call. A day after Hillary was cleared of wrongdoing by the FBI. Sanders met with the House Democratic caucus. Eventually, they were booing Bernie. The Democrats in the room were clearly anxious for Sanders to endorse Hillary and thus unite Sanders’ crabby fan base. Sanders has tossed the Democrats one bone, in the shape of an assurance to vote for… Keep Reading

What was Your Reaction When Junior ‘Lost’ 5 Million Emails

As the FBI read their decision yesterday, clearing Hillary of any criminal wrongdoing in her email scandal, Bernie and Donald Trump supporters listened in shock. They were so convinced that Hillary would be led away in handcuffs. Instead, Hillary was being cleared. In fact, most of these Trump and Bernie supporters had been listening to Hillary’s wrongdoing on Fox News for at least the past year. So to be faced with a reality that wasn’t… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Election

Trump Campaign Just A Scheme to Pay Trump Insider’s With Trump Donations

One of the YUGEST questions this election season has been why The Donald is running. After promising to ban members of one of the world’s largest religions from entering the country, and then threatening to deport all Hispanics, sensible minds must question if The Donald is really trying to win. Finally, we learn that it could be nothing more than the old robbing Peter to pay Paul scheme. According to a CNBC report, upon analyzing… Keep Reading

No Charges Against Hillary Thus, We Bid Bernie Supporters Goodnight

The FBI finally declared, no charges against Hillary. With that statement, the final nail in Bernie’s campaign’s coffin is hammered in. Bernie’s last chance was that he might have a chance, if Hillary got locked up. For what, I couldn’t tell you. Hope is blind and vague, the same adjectives I would use to describe Bernie’s last minute desperation pleas. Like Republicans, Bernie supporters know how to protest. Now that the curtain draws for Bernie’s final… Keep Reading

Obama and Fox News are the Greatest Weapons Against Trump

Obama’s approval rating is nearly as high as it has ever been. In fact, the only time when it was higher was right after he caught Osama Bin Liden. This is great news for Obama. But more noteworthy, is how terrible this news is for The Donald. A president nearing the end of his TWO TERM candidacy with approval ratings as high as his, is indicative of how good a job he has done. However,… Keep Reading

Hillary Endorses Bernie’s Public Option

Unquestionably, Bernie’s ideas have shaped Hillary. The support that Bernie has amassed has caused Hillary to shift further to the left on some of her issues, such as healthcare. Obamacare was arguably Obama’s greatest achievement. As a result, this was Republican’s biggest sore spot. Regardless, if it grants millions of Americans affordable healthcare, Republicans were bent on repealing it, because it was called Obamacare. Republicans have tried a trillion times to repeal Obamacare. Now, they… Keep Reading

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