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Rage Against the Dying of the Light

Back home, my family sure gets an earful about me being a loyal Bernie supporter. “Since when did your sister start working for Bernie Sanders?” Or, “Why is your sister so angry?” Or, “Hillary is not that bad, why doesn’t Astra like her?” My family can’t theorize what I am thinking and how I would answer these questions. So hopefully, this brief editorial will put to rest all political speculation concerning my Sanders’ support. I… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Election

Trump Used Charity Money to buy a Tim Tebow Signed Helmet…for Himself

A few times a day, Donald Trump reiterates these juicy Hillary scandals, that he reads in his copy of Clinton Cash, a 2015 bestseller. For example, at a recent rally rant, he accused Hillary of being paid to approve a Russian uranium deal. His crowd ate that one up. Just to think that a president nominee’s approval of nuclear weapon ingredients could be attained with money is frightening. If true, who in their right mind would vote… Keep Reading

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