Back home, my family sure gets an earful about me being a loyal Bernie supporter.

“Since when did your sister start working for Bernie Sanders?”
“Why is your sister so angry?”

“Hillary is not that bad, why doesn’t Astra like her?”

My family can’t theorize what I am thinking and how I would answer these questions. So hopefully, this brief editorial will put to rest all political speculation concerning my Sanders’ support. I support Bernie Sanders, but I also support the America shaped by Bernie’s ideals. Bernie’s vision is an America that respects nature, that runs on clean energy and also an America where businesses respect their customers and their planet.
Since when did your sister start working for Bernie Sanders?

I do not officially work for Bernie Sanders, but I wish that I did. One day, I hope that I will.

Why am I so angry?

  • Anger is blind and fueled by rage. I am not angry. Rather, I am outraged.

  • I am outraged after witnessing the election fraud and voter suppression during the democratic primaries.

  • I am outraged that 80% of Americans are living on, near or under the poverty line some point in their lives.

  • I am outraged that 60 people out there have hoarded as much money as 150 million other people combined.

  • I am outraged that in the year 2016, we still do not have a single payer healthcare system, a $15 minimum wage, clean energy, and tuition-free college education.


Why don’t I like Hillary?
Very simple. Because she will continue to do nothing to change any of the things that inspire my outrage.

To these people who are curious about my posts and opinions, ask me and I will gladly share my opinions. I will give you honest answers, and I will tell you that

you should be outraged, too. I will tell you that if you are not outraged by the clandestine shift of our society from democracy into an oligarchy then you are either a member of the ruling class or you are an abused citizen who is cowering in fear and denial. You believe that the status quo is a safer choice than trying something new. You believe that there is nothing you can do to change any of it, so why even try.


That, my friends, is not just sad… it’s outrageous.
So, all of you with questions about my feelings regarding inequality and injustice, please know this: I will continue to “rage, rage against the dying of the light”.

“Astranada Gamsey is one of the Holla Moms
buried under work, commute, and child rearing,
yet also getting the word out about Bernie,
democracy, and the needs of working people.”