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August 2016

Bernie Sanders/Tim Canova

Good luck, Tim Canova, Without that Glorious Bern, You’re Gonna Need it

Had it not been for Bernie Sanders, Tim Canova, a little known law professor, would probably not have run against Debbie Wasserman Schultz, former Democratic National Committee chairwoman. Tim Canova must have assumed that his chances of beating her were exorbitantly greater with Bernie’s blessings. At one time, Canova and Sanders were mighty allies. Now that Canova is in an election against Debbie, one of Bernie’s arch enemies, you’d assume Bernie would be swinging right along… Keep Reading

Why One of the Nation’s Largest Private Immigration Detention Firms Gave Trump Fundraising Group $45K

While America represents only 4.4% of the world’s population, it imprisons 22% of the world’s prisoners. The only people to benefit from this tragic and shameful statistic are detention firms. These firms and Republican politicians have a slick back and forth game going. The detention firms give Republican politicians, like Trump, phat donations, while these Republican politicians keep pushing their legislation that ensures lots of Americans will go to jail. Disgusting…. Weeks before the Justice… Keep Reading

Donald Trump

Trump Will Not Destroy Her

Let’s pretend that Trump really thinks he could get Mexico to pay for this wall. Let’s also pretend that he really believes there will be a force of people larger than any army, that will search out every illegal in the country. These visions are so impractical and fantastic, that even Donald Trump has doubted their implementation. And the money that it would cost to build this Great Wall of Mexico and to hire a… Keep Reading

Donald Trump

Trump Calls Hillary a Bigot – Proof that Trump Doesn’t Think Minorities are Very Smart

The other day Trump decided to focus on the minority voters. He called Hillary a bigot. With that comment, he said that minorities and their parents and their grand parents have had it wrong. Despite roughly 90% or more of blacks voting democratic in every election for the past fifty years, they are wrong and The Donald is right. According to Trump, this loyal devotion has been misguided. According to Trump, these minorities have been bamboozled… Keep Reading

Hillary Clinton/Uncategorized

Hillary’s Biggest Strength is that Republicans Only Have Allegations on her After Decades of Investigations

Hillary Clinton has been scrutinized and investigated more than any other figure in U.S. history. As a result of her two presidential runs, she has been target enemy number one in the Republican scope for the past 12 years. As a result of her husband, she has been target enemy in the Republican scope for the past 25 years. However, according to the “waste not” party who has wasted millions of dollars in countless investigations over… Keep Reading

Trump is Getting Destroyed by Hillary, but how is he Doing Compared to How Romney did, who lost in a Landslide

Every poll we hear, shows Donald being trounced by Hillary. He is getting slaughtered in every demographic group. Ever since Reagan, Republican’s favor among minorities has been plunging. Trump could very well be the last nail in the coffin.What has kept Republicans afloat though, is their support among white folk. Republicans have won in the past thanks to a wide enough margin among whites to make up for the enormous Democratic advantage among non-whites. But Trump… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Immigration

Trump Plays Them Trumpkins Like Little Puppets

Over the past year, no question has been repeated more and mulled over more by political analysts than how Donald Trump became the Republican presidential nominee. Is it one of the greatest mysteries of the century? I don’t think so. In fact, I called it head on, months ago. Proof? Look at my past articles. Time and time again I have written about how Trump’s wall and Muslim ban ideas were just ploys to gain… Keep Reading

Trump has the Bestest Health in the Whole World, says his Imaginary Doctor

When your opponent has no flaws, you gotta make some up! It seems every punch Fox throws, misses Hillary. They are getting desperate. Like that little punk from the middle school playground, now Fox is flat-out making things up. After watching hours upon hours of Hillary footage, Fox has compiled a gallery of Hillary in which she stutters or smirks funny or slips, and labeling this as proof that she has some severe medical ailment.… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Immigration

Wall or no Wall – That is the Question

This weekend, several reporters hammered Republican presidential nominee Trump, about his brash idea to build a wall to keep out them Hispanics. Considering that this wall idea is only one of the two ideas Trump has graced the public with, to find out what is going on with it, is kind of important. Also this idea, along with kicking out all of them Muslims, put Trump’s name on the top of the ticket. That was… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Uncategorized

The Donald is Laughing All the Way to the Bank as the Sad Trumpkin’s Heart is Broken

Imagine that Trump never intended to be president. Imagine that Trump’s presidency was just a brilliant attempt at boosting his celebrity status. Imagine how many Trumpkin hearts would be dashed against the rocks, if they were betrayed by their savior! Trump never liked the idea of providing great ratings for other outlets. He even pulled out of a primary debate, because he felt that America was just tuning in to watch him. But all that… Keep Reading

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