Imagine that Trump never intended to be president.

Imagine that Trump’s presidency was just a brilliant attempt at boosting his celebrity status.


Imagine how many Trumpkin hearts would be dashed against the rocks, if they were betrayed by their savior!

Trump never liked the idea of providing great ratings for other outlets. He even pulled out of a primary debate, because he felt that America was just tuning in to watch him. But all that could change if the Trump Network was a channel on our television.

There is no question that Trump has been thinking about starting his own news station for a long time. What better way to advertise the Trump channel than by having Trump run for president? In fact, some analysts argue that Trump’s headline grabbing candidacy is nothing more than the most effective advertisement this world has ever seen. In addition, after his campaign shakeup, Trump added to his staff two conservative media titans.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump listens during a news conference after speaking at the TD Convention Center, Thursday, Aug. 27, 2015, in Greenville, S.C. (AP Photo/Richard Shiro)

If Trump is trying to win the election, he would have undoubtedly chosen different people. With less than three months before election, and his polling in the gutter, you’d think Trump would want proven campaign experts. However, if Trump is trying to establish a conservative news outlet, he picked the best two guys on the planet.

What proof do we have that Trump never intended to become president and that he fooled all of his uneducated supporters? For starters, if he did become president all those touchy secrets hidden in his taxes would become public information. Trump has always been cognizant of this. Nominees can refuse to release their taxes, but a president can not. His taxes would become public if he was president. We can’t have a president that is on some foreign government’s payroll. With Trump there is even heightened suspicion, considering the millions of dollars foreign governments have given Paul Manafort, Trump’s number one aide.


In fact, The Donald makes a great example of why a president’s taxes should be examined. The Donald shocked Republican delegates in Cleveland when he pledged the GOP would never give Ukraine the weapons they were asking America for.

Republicans and Democrats agree on arming Ukraine against Russia. In fact, the European Union and pretty much the entire world agrees on helping Ukraine, except The Donald.

A Ted Cruz supporter even proposed an amendment that called for maintaining sanctions against Russia, increasing aid for Ukraine and “providing lethal defensive weapons” to the Ukrainian military.

“Today, the post-Cold War ideal of a ‘Europe whole and free’ is being severely tested by Russia’s ongoing military aggression in Ukraine,” the amendment read. “The Ukrainian people deserve our admiration and support in their struggle.”


What would provoke an American politician NOT to arm Ukraine? What if this unpatriotic decision was compelled by finances? Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign chairman, was receiving money from Russian-backed former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych? The exact amount is questionable, but documents show Manafort got more than $12 million from Russia!

This is why a president’s taxes must be checked. No one knows why Trump is keeping his taxes secret. Whatever the reason, it must be illegal. Trump could have silenced many of his protesters by showing his taxes. Yet, he refuses.


Either the reason is illegal, in which case he would go to jail, or the reason illustrates that he is not worth a fraction of what he claims to be, which would destroy his empire. If he becomes president, his taxes and his precious secrets would be revealed to the world. Do you think Donald Trump would become president if it meant he had to go to jail or if it meant that his massive real estate empire would crumble? Of course not. He never intended to be president.


What would the best scenario be for The Donald if he wants to start his own cable news network? First, he runs for president and cements a loyal following. Then, he devotes all of his speeches to explaining why he will lose the election: the media, the system, Hillary, even the GOP are against him. With his loss, he will keep those sacred taxes far from the public’s eye. When he does lose the election, his devoted fan base will be able to get their Trump fix on the TV.

Trump plays his supporters like little puppets dancing on a stage.

Unfortunately, my devoted Trumpkin, you don’t have much of an argument. If you were thinking about starting a conservative news station, who would you want in your circle of pals? How about Roger Ailes, the recently fired Fox News chief and Stephen Bannon, chairman of Breitbart news website?



You’d think if Trump was serious, less than three months before the election, he’d hire political campaign experts. Instead, he has put two people in charge of his campaign that lack the experience. In welcoming these figures to the Trump camp, Trump has created a trident of conservatism – a grotesque unification of the most striking characters of conservative news.

Two executives, whose news outlets, coincidentally, fueled Trump’s anti-establishment popularity, are now heading Trump’s campaign. Granted, Trump supporters are generally uneducated, but you don’t have to be the sharpest tool in the shed to recognize that Trump is not in it to win it.


Here we have the destruction of the Republican party. It started with Fox News. A media conglomerate that has become the most watched news station in America, but it is owned by an Aussie! Clearly, Murdoch is not a Republican. However, he recognized how impressionable uneducated Republicans in America are. Rupert Murdoch did not start Fox News because of his love of conservative ideology. Instead, he started it to make money.

The same could be said for Breitbart. Andrew Breitbart was a true conservative though. Through his political discourse, he rewrote American politics. His articles were not fueled with logic and facts, but anger. Countless working-class white voters who are anguished over the loss of status, who blame Congress, the media, big business, and the Republican establishment for these misgivings, gained a voice through Breitbart. Breitbart died in 2012, but his empire is more potent than ever. Bannon took control of Breitbart.


The Tea Party is another far right faction of the Republican party. The Tea Party was established in 2009. The Tea Party contend that Americans are being taxed way too much. The tobacco industry as well as billionaire Koch brothers formed the Tea Party about a decade before it exploded in America. Those jokers dressed as colonial freedom fighters, are just fighting for less taxes to go to our roads and our children’s education.

Republicans only care about one thing – lowering taxes for the elite. The vast majority of Republicans are not the elite, but rather uneducated and poor.

The question of the hour, is how do Republican politicians trick their constituents to vote against their best interests? For example, Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential nominee in 2012, supported a health platform that actually stripped benefits from the middle class to provide the wealthy with a tax break. How do you get the middle class to support this?


Far right wing media is how they corral their uneducated supporters. Breitbart and Fox News is just animosity and rage. Regardless of their income, the millions of people that faithfully subscribe to this media view Democrats as the enemy. Throw in a few stories about evil abortions and all those welfare sucking minorities, then their conservative plight becomes something of a crusade.

All along, Trump’s plan was to start a news organization that would rival Fox. He could never have done this without the unbridled support of the Republican party. Hats off to the guy for tricking so many people!

Pull my strings, and I’ll dance for you, I’m your puppet.