Hillary Clinton has been scrutinized and investigated more than any other figure in U.S. history. As a result of her two presidential runs, she has been target enemy number one in the Republican scope for the past 12 years. As a result of her husband, she has been target enemy in the Republican scope for the past 25 years.

However, according to the “waste not” party who has wasted millions of dollars in countless investigations over Hillary, there is some scorching allegation just around the bend! What it is, no one knows. But it’s there.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton gets a hug from fifth-grader Hannah Tandy during a town hall meeting at Keota High School, Tuesday, Dec. 22, 2015, in Keota, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

Ask any shit kicking, overall wearing, cross burning Republican and they’ll tell you, after removing the stick of hay from their mouths, that once Julian Assange unveils the dirt he has on Hillary, it’ll all be over. That is what they are all hoping for.

Those splendid email accusations have served the same purpose, in that the anticipation of the emails was much more damaging than the actual emails. With nothing else to do but sit and dream and speculate about how terrible those emails will be, Republican voters became convinced that Hillary is guilty…of something.

Tell a group of uneducated voters that the sun is falling out of the sky enough times, and eventually they will run indoors.


There is a reason that Julian Assange has not revealed yet, whatever juicy crimes he is alleging Hillary committed. Having America wait and fantasize about her crimes will be far more damaging than announcing Hillary’s middle school over due library books.

Keep in mind, that the Clinton Foundation was set up, while Hillary was being scrutinized and while she was thinking about running for president. So, if these flimsy accusations are right, Hillary would jeopardize her presidential future (she has been the democratic favorite for decades) and she would also be tarnishing her husband’s stellar reputation for whatever gain they allege. Republicans will credit her greed and evil nature. And yes, we are still talking about a person who runs a charity that feeds and provides medicine to hundreds of thousands of impoverished children around the world.

In fact, many Noble laureates and world leaders are convinced that one of the most charitable and effective organizations in the world is the Clinton Foundation.


In Fox World, “crooked” Hillary, steals from starving little African babies. The media and all those judges and even the Republican led panels (Trey Gowdy) that found her innocent of any guilt, are all in her pocket!

Did you know that “crooked” Hillary gave $17.6 million of her speaking fees to charity? That number is 26 times as much as she made of her three Goldman Sachs speeches combined or 50% more than she made on all of her speeches given in 2014 and 2015.

Hillary has been scrutinized more intensely than any other American in history. Yet, Republicans have not revealed one crime she has committed. In fact, she has proven to be charitable and driven to help those who need help. Regardless, Republicans are convinced that some crime has been committed. Keep in mind, this is the same party whose nominee is currently the defendant in a massive multi-state class action fraud lawsuit, alleging the Donald stole tuition money from little children!