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What you don’t Know About the Clinton Foundation

Google ‘Clinton Foundation’, and you’ll have to do a lot of searching if you want an article that is not about any of the accusations or corruption Republicans desperately try to apply to the foundation. The fact that the Clinton Foundation, a foundation that has helped hundreds of thousands of children worldwide, is the only arsenal in Republican’s pitiful smear campaign, should actually be an advantage to Hillary. What does it say about a candidate,… Keep Reading

Why are all Those Red States Turning Blue this Election?

Most political analysts could give you a boat load of reasons as to why Hillary is leading in a lot of states once considered safely Republican. The fact that her opponent is hands-down the most inexperienced presidential candidate of all times could be a leading reason. But also, lots of these states have changed their demographics. Intense Hispanic immigration has helped to transform some of these red states into blue states. Other reasons are at… Keep Reading

Hillary’s New Plan is Designed to Help Everyone

As I explained yesterday, I have been temporarily booted from Facebook as a result of some Republican accusations that I am spam. No better form of flattery than when Republicans view you as a threat! As a result, the reach of my articles is limited. Please share this article and fight the Republican restraint imposed on me. Thank you.   Hillary’s economic plan is designed to help everyone. Trump’s plan lowers everyone’s taxes. That is… Keep Reading

Every day it is More Likely that Hillary will be our Next President

The reason I am unable to send out articles, is because my Facebook account has temporarily been disabled. Apparently, some bitter Trumpkin douche-bag accused me of being spam or something to Facebook. Oh well. Their tricks might silence me for a few days, but as this article illustrates, I will now be shouting louder than ever! What a swell time to stifle pro-Hillary sentiment.   Trump is terrible and he is a disgrace to every… Keep Reading

How Hillary’s 1995 Speech Empowered the Voiceless

In 1995, Hillary Clinton gave a speech at the fourth annual United Nations Women’s Conference. The speech ranks #35 on American Rhetoric’s Top 100 Speeches of the 20th Century. In the broadest description, her speech urged the world to respect women. In a more ethical perspective, her speech changed the world. After her name was called, she approached the podium in a pink suit. She greeted the dignitaries on stage and began a speech that would… Keep Reading

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Trump’s Son Digs Cocaine and Hookers

    Any decent American should be sickened with the flagrant debauchery of the Trumps’!   An Icelandic entrepreneur told a Reykjavik newspaper that Donald Trump’s son, Eric Trump, rented an apartment from him in 2014 and had one helluva weekend. According to a translation by Iceland Review, the entrepreneur said, “I later heard that they invited 15 Icelandic girls to go out with them for dinner and drinks at a restaurant and paid each one… Keep Reading

Hillary Shows how Republican Nominee Has Made His Fortune on Outsourcing – Disgusting!

Imagine you were running for president. Also, let’s say you are severely inexperienced for the position. One sure way to get lots of votes is to emphasize how, if elected, you would return all of those jobs Americans lost to cheaper oversea’s markets. Let’s also imagine that you are a successful businessman, who has made a fortune on doing the exact thing you condemn, giving jobs to foreign markets or illegal aliens. I bet you… Keep Reading

Bernie Club Clamors to Clinton, Leaving The Donald in the Dust

Trump always had his eye on Bernie supporters. But now according to a CNN poll, 91% of Bernie supporters are flocking to Hillary. While Bernie was still battling in the primaries, Trump was overjoyed to witness the splintered Democratic party. He incited Hillary hatred among Bernie supporters, because according to Trump’s glorious fantasy, he knew the day would come when these embittered Bernie supporters would look to Trump as their new golden idol. Bernie supporters… Keep Reading

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There Isn’t a Crooked Bone in Hillary’s Body

About fifteen years ago, Fox News began a smear campaign against Hillary Clinton. Back then, Fox assumed Hillary was going to be the ’08 Democratic presidential nominee. Hence, it was in every staunch Republican’s best interest to soil her image. No one expected Obama to take the reins. After he became president, cognizant that she was going to be the next nominee, Fox never toned down their battle ground tactics. Eight years later, and all… Keep Reading

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What Would the Unknown Soldier say to Trump?

Memorial Day is always a strange sort of holiday for me. Unlike most holidays, in which we know who or what we are supposed to be revering, Memorial Day honors faces we will never know. Since the start of our country, hundreds of thousands of soldiers have died so that me and you could read a book or watch a movie or even earn a paycheck. It seems that just one day is not enough… Keep Reading

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