When your opponent has no flaws, you gotta make some up!

It seems every punch Fox throws, misses Hillary. They are getting desperate. Like that little punk from the middle school playground, now Fox is flat-out making things up. After watching hours upon hours of Hillary footage, Fox has compiled a gallery of Hillary in which she stutters or smirks funny or slips, and labeling this as proof that she has some severe medical ailment.

Can they really not find one single legitimate fault of hers’? Just like how Trump is furious with the Clinton Foundation that helps thousands of impoverished orphans a year. When a charity is your biggest gripe on a candidate, then you need to be reanalyzed.


Is Hillary really that perfect? There is no greater form of flattery, than when your opponent must contrive these weird conspiracies, that don’t bear one inkling of truth.

Look at the Fox segment above. That isn’t journalism. That is sensationalism. So blatantly misleading. What morons watch that as their news feed?


Would the real Dr. Borenstein please stand up?

Hillary has given a letter from her physician verifying that she is in great health. Donald Trump has given a letter from his physician as well. Except his doctor is from Wonderland and writes some strange stuff.

December of last year, Trump proudly posted a letter from his physician on Facebook. Not only did the letter say Trump was in some real stellar condition, but his physician contended that if Donald was elected he “will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.”




Apparently, his physician has been treating him for so long, the two talk alike. Some might call that sweet, I think it is kind of creepy. In fact, Trump’s “physician” claims he has been treating Trump “since 1980” for “the past 39 years”. The letter is dated 2015. 39 years then should have been 1976.


How many grammatical errors can you spot?



Trump’s physician’s letter has so many errors, one must wonder why “billionaire” Trump wouldn’t be going to a more lucid doctor. They’ve been together a long time, according to the letter. Maybe Trump is just very loyal. If that’s the case, you’d think when his physician gave Trump this letter, Trump would have asked for a more polished copy – one that doesn’t look like it was written by someone who just stepped off the boat.


Let’s cut the elder doctor some slack. He could be tackling the first stages of senility. From the beginning:

To Whom My Concern,


Most elementary schoolers would tell you not to start a letter like that. Especially a letter that potentially is destined for the Library of Congress.

Plus, the doctor’s email is bogus. Generally, doctors will not include emails in letters, to prevent whoever is getting the letter from emailing the doctor more questions about the patient’s health. And Gmail is a very unusual choice for a doctor, especially Donald Trump’s doctor.

The prestigious Dr. Bornstein’s choice of words is really weird. What does “only positive results” mean? Is the Dr. implying that all of Trump’s tests were positive, like thumbs up and good? Was Trump’s HIV test also positive?



What does “astonishingly excellent” laboratory test results mean? I assume his tests are good, but a doctor needs to illustrate that a bit better than with some descriptive adjectives.



Let’s Meet the Real Dr. Bornstein

It turns out that this Dr. Bornstein is a real person. The FACG title, Fellow of American College of Gastroenterology, he staples to his name though is open for some interpretation.

Rachel Maddow got a call to her show about the questionable credentials in his letter. As a result.

“So we called them, and they said, ‘yeah, that’s right. Dr. Bornstein joined the ACG in 1981. He was a fellow. When his membership lapsed in 1995.’ He hasn’t been affiliated with the ACG since that year. Given that, we asked if that means he should stop identifying himself the way he does, putting FACG after his name. They told us this: ‘People who are no longer members of the organization would be expected to stop using FACG or any other reference to membership in the organization as they are no longer members.'”


MSNBC then reached out to Bornstein, who works at New York City’s Lenox Hill Hospital.

“He told us, quote, ‘FACG is a title they sell for a fee. In reality, it has no value,'” Maddow said. “In response to the inevitable follow-up question, Donald Trump’s doctor told us that he will keep using this valueless title because it’s part of his resume. And then he sent us a copy of this has framed certificate from back in the day a couple of decades ago when he was still paying his dues.”



Fundamentally, Dr. Bornstein’s letter provides no information about Trump’s health. Hence, we need to question why it was written.

If you click on the imaginary website provided in the letter it takes you to a vicious malware site. What if this whole Dr. Bornstein nonsense is just a ploy to get people to go to this malware site?