Every poll we hear, shows Donald being trounced by Hillary. He is getting slaughtered in every demographic group.

Ever since Reagan, Republican’s favor among minorities has been plunging. Trump could very well be the last nail in the coffin.What has kept Republicans afloat though, is their support among white folk.


Republicans have won in the past thanks to a wide enough margin among whites to make up for the enormous Democratic advantage among non-whites.

But Trump is doing so terrible with all demographics, his projection puts him closer to the disastrous Republican nominees of the 1990s. For example, Trump is leading by an average of five points over Clinton among white Americans. Romney won white Americans by 20 points! In case you forgot, Romney lost in a landslide, despite such a healthy white demographic lead.

Imagine how miserable Romney would have lost had he not had that lead!

In 2004, Bush won whites by 17 points. Bush won this election. He also won Hispanics by 44%. Trump has 19% of Hispanics. The only demographic that Trump and Romney are about the same is with blacks. Both of them have about 6%. But remember, Romney was going against Obama.


Trump should have wealthy Americans in his pocket. After all, they stand to gain YUGE amounts in taxes if Trump is elected. Ironically, Trump is doing much better with less affluent and less educated groups. The same people who stand to lose benefits with Trump, vote for him in droves.

Households with an income of more than $100,000 preferred Romney at more than ten points. Trump is losing this demographic to Hillary by seven points.

If we drop down one step on that affluence ladder and analyze middle class families earning between $50,000 and $100,000, Trump fans find even more reason to be depressed. Clinton is ahead by four points with these households. However, Romney won this group by six points!

The only income level that Hillary stands to do worse than her predecessor is the very bottom rung of that ladder, the poorest Americans out there. Among households earning $50,000 or less, Hillary is only beating Trump by 13 points, compared to Obama’s 22 point lead.


The educated sure as heck fire doesn’t love the Donald. In 2012, Romney won college educated by four points. Hillary is on track to win this demographic by 22 points!

Yes, as Donald has stated, he “loves the poorly educated”. But Donald, do the poorly educated love you? Apparently, the only ones that love you burn crosses and wear white hoods.