Over the past year, no question has been repeated more and mulled over more by political analysts than how Donald Trump became the Republican presidential nominee.

Is it one of the greatest mysteries of the century? I don’t think so. In fact, I called it head on, months ago.

Proof? Look at my past articles. Time and time again I have written about how Trump’s wall and Muslim ban ideas were just ploys to gain the uneducated vote. If he had any intentions of becoming president, he’d have to back track on some of his wildly offensive ideas.


Just look at the facts. Trump’s meteorite rise started as soon as he told America he would force Mexico to pay for a wall that would go right between our countries and that he would ban Muslims from coming into our country.

As if the voice of the messiah erupted from the mountain, legions of mid-America, white, unemployed, uneducated supporters began to swell. A lot of them lost their jobs to cheap illegal labor. A lot of them wanted nothing more than to get rid of all of those illegals. Why do you think Donald said it, in the first place? Accordingly, when the messiah’s vision materializes, they would get their jobs back.

None of them were deterred by the fact that these ideas were implausible and that Donald Trump had been a democrat his whole life (up until the day he decided to run) and that these ideas were clearly articulated to gain their vote and would never be implemented.


I’ve been writing that for a long time and those passionate Trumpkins have countered every one of my words.

And now, it seems I was right all along. 


The presidential game is especially tricky for Republicans. First, they need to win the primaries. Winner of that first round must appeal to the staunchest conservative. A logical and well mannered Jeb Bush gets laughed off the stage. They don’t want logic, they want entertainment. The more outlandish, offensive and loud the comment, the better. Trump proved that.

How else could a guy with NO political experience become the Republican presidential nominee? There is a reason why Trump ran as a Republican, although his entire family were registered Democrats. Less education means easier to amuse.

Trump sure did amuse those Republicans. Especially when he called Hispanics rapists and murderers!


If Trump never gave his wall or Muslim ban idea he wouldn’t be where he is today. You just need to note how his popularity soared the moment those ridiculous and Hitler-esque ideas soared out of his orange face.

Hence, Trump’s nomination was a cause of his wall and Muslim ban ideas.

As soon as he got the Republican nomination, he needed to appeal to other demographics. Gradually, he began toning down those ideas of his.


Let’s take a look at his Muslim ban.

All along, Trump has been making these weird “revisions” to this ban. Trump told Fox News, that if a Muslim was a friend of his or a Muslim-American member of the military, then they could stay without problem. And then, Trump pounded his gavel and allowed Muslim athletes and Muslim politicians to enter our country. Now, the ban affects only those coming from “terrorist countries”.

In a matter of weeks, this Muslim ban has gone from something that would make Hitler and Stalin very proud, to a weak immigration policy that is not much different from what we have now.

Those confederate flag toting Trumpkins, who were so enamored with their messiah’s pitch to ban Muslims from our country, have now been rejected by Trump. Instead of carrying out his promises, Trump has played those Trumpkins like little puppets on a stage.


And his magical wall idea, has been recycled in the same way for the same reasons. During the primaries, Trump was going to build this beautiful wall and deport all them illegal Hispanics. The first transformation of the wall came during an interview, when Trump rejected that his deportation plain would entail “mass deportation”.

Instead, “We’re going to get rid of a lot of bad dudes who are here … that I can tell you.”

Trump’s latest revisions on his immigration policy came just a few days ago when he said, “There can certainly be a softening because we’re not looking to hurt people.” He also said his immigration policy will mimic Obamas’!

Love him all you want. But if you are a Trumpkin who supported Trump because of his Muslim ban and his wall idea, you were played like a fiddle. Democrats like myself, thank you!