Let’s pretend that Trump really thinks he could get Mexico to pay for this wall. Let’s also pretend that he really believes there will be a force of people larger than any army, that will search out every illegal in the country. These visions are so impractical and fantastic, that even Donald Trump has doubted their implementation.

And the money that it would cost to build this Great Wall of Mexico and to hire a staff of people armed with sufficient technology that makes them prepared to seek out illegals would be astronomical.

For a fraction of that amount, Trump could teach these illegals a trade and make them productive pieces of our society. Isn’t that a better idea than kicking them all out and building a wall? The only people that would scoff at such a reasonable suggestion, would be those die-hard Trumpkins, who had lost their jobs to cheap illegal immigrant wages.

Do you think Trump would be where he is today, if he told those unemployed, uneducated, banjo strumming supporters that he wanted to educate the illegals as opposed to kicking them out? HAH! He would have been dropped faster than a hot potato!

Just last week, apparently Trump was strongly advised to back away from his Hitler-esque ideas to kick out certain religions and minorities. All he did was use one word. Trump said he was willing to “soften” his approach to immigration.

EGADDDS! As if the heavens fell out of the sky, those loyal Trumpkins became furious! He was supposed to make America White Again. But suddenly, it seemed as if Trump was starting to do that famous Republican tap dancing.

The reaction was so severe that Trump quickly jumped back to his initial opinion!

After a week of more flip flops than you’d find on Fort Liquordale beach, Trump has decided to go ahead with the wall. I doubt he regrets boxing himself into this tight corner. He knew that immigration is a sensitive subject. Making such radical and bold ideas would snatch up all those uneducated voters who liked the sound of them and didn’t know any better.

If Trump would have said to those Trumpkins, that he wanted to educate illegals, so once they graduated they could get even better jobs than the Trumpkins, they would have flung their Ted Nugent records at him.

Look at how different we have become since we built that beautiful statue. She was a gift from the French. She stands at 305 feet. She is a magnificent marvel of artistry and engineering. Trump obviously despises the Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty is an iconic structure that tells the world that America welcomes those fleeing bigotry and violence, everything that Trump hates about America.

The part of the Statue of Liberty that Trump undoubtedly hates the most is her right leg. It is stepping forward with defining purpose. Imagine if she was standing still, idly greeting our new citizens.

If the statue was standing still, then maybe Donald Trump and his call to close our borders would be the intentions of this great country. Maybe it would imply, that after those first few immigrants arrived on our shores and learned a trade and contributed to our country, then we would slam those gates closed.

But the lady is moving ahead. Her movement implies that her welcome is eternal. All the hatred in the world will not stifle her movement. Even when Donald is just a distant memory, she will still be pushing ahead.