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September 2016

Hillary Should Hop Aboard That Yellow Submarine With Legalization

Hillary has a problem with millennials. We hear that all day long. One Quinnipiac poll in September found 44% of voters under 35 were going for a third party. Gary Johnson was snatching almost a third of that enormous demographic. Before Republicans break out the bubbly on that one, please keep in mind that Gary Johnson is a lot more conservative than The Donald. Besides social issues, Gary Johnson is VERY conservative. It is questionable… Keep Reading

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Now we Know – Trump Wants Your Money Much More than He Wants to be Your Leader

Last night’s debate was a great night, not just for Hillary or America, but it was a damn good night for me too. Last night, all of the seemingly nasty and somewhat bombastic articles I have written about Donald Trump were proven correct. The best part was that Donald was my righteous crusader. As a result of the demented nonsensical comments that Trump grunted throughout his debate, every single argument I have made about Trump… Keep Reading

Dead Even Morning of First Debate – If You Believe that, There’s a Bridge in Trumpberg I’d Love to Sell You

Imagine you are the CEO of NBC. Last night, the night before arguably the most watched television event since OJ sped down the highway airs on a channel you own, what do you think you’d be dreaming of? I’m sure you would be hoping that the debate would be YUGE!!! Are there ways that you could make it even more YUGE? Fundamentally, it all depends on the advertisers. The more spectacular the event, the more… Keep Reading

Trump’s Lack of Endorsements is Very Indicative

With less than two months before elections, Trump has yet to receive a single major newspaper endorsement. That is sort of a huge thing. Never before in U.S. political history has a candidate failed to attract at least one major newspaper endorsement this deep into the election cycle. Usually major newspapers of a region that are democratic for example, say New York City, are obligated to represent their audience, so they will endorse the Democratic… Keep Reading

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Hillary’s Solution to Fight Poverty

This morning, Hillary wrote an article in The New York Times, that revealed her plan to fight poverty. This presidential cycle has certainly seen some interesting solutions. All of these solutions are aimed to help the poor. Essentially, every single platform a presidential nominee proposes, is to improve the economy, and make it easier for the poor to buy a meal at the end of the day. After all, a nation’s poverty rate is the… Keep Reading

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One Promise Trump Made But Didn’t keep – Rescue Richard Simmons

Back in March, during a radio interview on the Jonathon Brandmeier Show, The Donald was asked about Richard Simmons. At the time, the “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” maestro, was M.I.A. There were a lot of strange rumors about fitness guru Richard, from his housekeeper had kidnapped him to he became a woman. The calamity was resolved when Simmons told NBC’s Savannah Guthrie, “I just kind of wanted to be a little bit of a loner for… Keep Reading

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How Quickly Republicans Forget Hillary’s Secretary of State Accomplishments

When Obama was elected, Eric Cantor, House Majority Leader, vowed that Republican’s most important job was to block everything Obama tried to pass. Half the government was working to ensure the President failed in his leadership!   Apparently though, they couldn’t even pull off that obstinate mission. Now Obama leaves office, and his approval ratings are sky high. With good reason. Despite half the government working to smear his legacy, Obama has racked up an… Keep Reading

Crooked Scott Walker’s Latest Blunder is Disgusting and it Implicates Trump

Scott Walker’s successfully battled recall, back in 2012, is in the spotlight today. More than 1,300 pages were posted online on Wednesday by British based The Guardian. This previously unreleased information illustrates how Walker raised millions of dollars for Wisconsin Club for Growth, which was the organization used to successfully stifle his recall attempts. Not only do these emails prove, once and for all, that Scott Walker is one of the most devious politicians in… Keep Reading

Democrats, all the DNC needs to do is unleash junkyard dog Joe Biden.

Let me start this article by stressing that Democrats will not lose. I can’t quite say the same for Hillary though. If the Republican nominee was anyone else but The Donald, Hillary would be in lots of trouble. Here is the only topic The Donald and I agree on, we both “love the poorly educated”. Had it not been for those “poorly educated”, there would be another, more formidable Republican nominee, say Jeb Bush or… Keep Reading

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If Only Hillary could Destroy the Republican Party as Splendidly as The Donald does

Donald Trump has succeeded where Hillary and Bill and Obama have failed. He has destroyed the Republican party. The GOP tried (but failed) to dethrone their golden idol. Remember, a few weeks ago, the GOP wanted to replace Trump as their presidential nominee. But when Trump threatened to never contribute to the GOP again, the GOP sort of retreated beneath that mossy rock they came from! He has taken the GOP hostage. They have no… Keep Reading

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