Scott Walker’s successfully battled recall, back in 2012, is in the spotlight today. More than 1,300 pages were posted online on Wednesday by British based The Guardian. This previously unreleased information illustrates how Walker raised millions of dollars for Wisconsin Club for Growth, which was the organization used to successfully stifle his recall attempts.

Not only do these emails prove, once and for all, that Scott Walker is one of the most devious politicians in the country, but it also involves Donald Trump (in more ways than one) and it also illustrates how Republicans’ single platform, trickle down economics, destroys any economy in which it is enacted in, and only benefits the very top 1%, the same people that give money to the same politicians who enact these same stupid trickle down policies.


These previously unreleased documents come from a failed attempt by Wisconsin prosecutors to indict Walker. The case went all the way to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Walker was so drenched in his tit-for-tat payoff scheme, that Wisconsin was astonished when a slim majority of Republican judges dismissed the case.

Scott Walker raised millions of dollars from the richest executives in the country. The top 1% gave him a lot of money because they had a lot at stake with Scott Walker. If he was investigated, not only would their dirty money be revealed but also, the disastrous trickle down policies would be revealed.

As usual, the big money prevailed. Back then, during Walker’s huge exoneration, the top 1% celebrated this Republican victory. Thanks to “unlimited” contributions from this “Wisconsin Club for Growth”, Scott Walker’s questionable donation practices would not be investigated.


A lot of those 1%ers breathed a huge sigh of relief.

Unfortunately for them, now these previously unreleased emails are illustrating exactly how disgustingly crooked these republican politicians are.

  • The Republican Supreme Court judges that dismissed Scott Walker’s case, also ordered all the documents involved in the case destroyed. But those same documents, published by The Guardian, reveal that those same judges relied on Walker’s dirty money. Of course these judges wanted the documents destroyed because their names were in them.

  • Harold Simmons, owner of NL Industries, wrote three phat checks to Scott Walker’s Wisconsin Club for Growth. Coincidentally, NL Industries nearly escaped punishment for lead poisoning induced in it’s factory workers, from a law established by Wisconsin politicians to immunize them from liability.


Once upon a time, Scott Walker, the Governor of Wisconsin, was the Republican darling boy. He passed the notorious anti-union measure Act 10. This legislation robbed public sector unions  of collective bargaining rights.

Although Scott Walker never graduated college, he will always be remembered as one of the greatest champions of the Republican cause. He pushed trickle down economics so far down Wisconsin’s throat that it came out of the state’s feet.

In Republican’s defense, the trickle down economy that Scott Walker imposed, was really like trickle down on steroids. Rarely, do politicians give SO much money to SO few people. When Scott Walker first came into office, the massive tax cuts he implemented were so lopsided that 78% of all his tax breaks were for people making more than $1 million!


Scott Walker became an icon of the right. Funded by the Koch brothers (shock!), Scott Walker sought out to prove once and for all that trickle down economics work. Never before in the history of our country, had trickle down economics been imposed in such a rudimentary fashion. The idea being, if the top 1% taxes’ are cut, it’ll “trickle down” to the rest of us.

Although time and time again, these Republican experiments in trickle down economics fail, Republican politicians keep trying again and again. Trickle down economics is a very clever Republican ideology. With it, politicians like Scott Walker are justified in giving gobs of money to their wealthy buddies.

Scott Walker’s experiment failed for the same reason trickle down economics fail every time. Once the top 1% get their hands on that tax break, they don’t reinvest in their communities. Instead, they stuff it into their stocks, or send it away to an offshore account or give it to politicians like Walker who paved the way for their theft and the dirty cycle begins again.


Republican’s sole concern is getting money to their wealthy b.f.f.s. A politician who preaches about giving money to their supporters at their rallies, will not get elected. Hence, these same politicians need to flaunt topics that inflame the uneducated majority of their voter base, like abortion and immigration.

Donald Trump is discussed in these previously unreleased files. Donald Trump handed over a $15,000 check in support of Scott Walker.

Despite the ruins that trickle down policies have made of Wisconsin, Trump is modeling his economic plan after Scott Walkers’!


Oxford Economics found that Trump’s economic, tax and immigration policies would not only cost four million U.S. jobs, but it would stifle global growth and U.S. consumer spending. His plans could even spark a trade war with other nations.

“Combining these policies together, the impact could be significantly negative for the U.S. economy,” says Jamie Thompson, head of macro scenarios at Oxford Economics.

Any analyst that examined Trump’s numbers, deduced that they are not plausible. Trump touted his plan would average 3.5 % economic growth over the next ten years and create 25 million new jobs. Such growth has not been seen for decades. In fact, the last time such growth was seen was under Bill Clinton’s economic plan – policies starkly opposite from Trumps’.

No one should be shocked that if Donald Trump got to plug in the numbers to our economy, his families fortune would benefit most.

Accordingly, Trump’s tax plan would give a YUGE income tax break to the wealthiest, but only modest cuts to the middle class (five percent of after-tax income). This would result in an increased concentration of wealth and a huge rise in the federal deficit.


Ask Scott Walker how well trickle down economics work. Since 2000, corporation profits have tripled but worker productivity has only increased 30 percent. Real hourly wages, are lower than they were in 1972!

Money does not trickle down.

Giving so much money to the top creates an America where it is impossible (without a killer lottery ticket) to squeeze into that top 1%.

When asked about exorbitant CEO pay, Trump answered, “It’s very hard if you have a free enterprise system to do anything about (what companies pay CEOs).”

Meanwhile, the bottom 80% of the U.S. own only 5% of the total wealth, excluding homes.


This gushing stream of tax revenue to the wealthy is paid for through slashing other branches of government. Therefore, trickle down economics is always disastrous. In Trump’s economic plan, he would slash funding for the U.S. Department of Education, shifting costs to the states for teacher training, special education and more. Other agencies that would be slashed would be the Postal Service and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In order to maintain these staple services, states would be forced to raise taxes.

Another little nugget in Trump’s economic plan is to do away with the federal minimum wage and replace it with state minimum wages. He favors right to work laws. If states are allowed to select the minimum wage, some in the middle class could actually see their wages decrease under Trump!

Trump’s economic plan was given a failing grade by Moody’s, an international corporation. The Moody’s analysis warned of a diminished U.S. economy and recession under his policies. On a side note Clinton’s economic proposal, according to Moody’s, would strengthen the economy and create more jobs.


Democrat Peter Barca stipulated that these documents raise questions about contributors to Wisconsin Club for Growth.

“It raises so many questions about what they asked for in return and what they might have been provided in return.”

Imagine if Hillary was implicated in such a disgusting scandal! After twenty years of intense investigations, they still have nothing on her. Every day, Trump’s dirty orange face emerges in another scandal. How can they care so much about Hillary’s accusations (that is all they have been), but ignore Trump’s countless scandals, even including a CLASS ACTION FRAUD case going on? It’s disgusting. Trump’s economic plan verifies that all he cares about is giving him and his family and his buddies money. Yet, the vast majority of his uneducated supporters still defend him, even though they will have benefits stripped from them if Trump gets in.