Imagine you are the CEO of NBC. Last night, the night before arguably the most watched television event since OJ sped down the highway airs on a channel you own, what do you think you’d be dreaming of? I’m sure you would be hoping that the debate would be YUGE!!!

Are there ways that you could make it even more YUGE?

Fundamentally, it all depends on the advertisers. The more spectacular the event, the more money the advertisers will spend to feature their companies ads.


It might seem outlandish to propose that media and polling companies collaborate, but that often occurs. Newspapers and news channels need a company to gather it’s polling information. USA Today for example, was partnered with Gallup for years, but in 2013 partnered with Pew Research.

If Pew Research gathers polling information that puts Hillary over Trump by 30 points, fewer copies of USA Today will be sold. You don’t have to be William Randolph Hearst to believe that one.

Imagine every poll you’ve seen for the past six months, puts Hillary way over Trump, would tonight’s debate be a “must see”?

If you were the CEO of NBC I’m sure you were whistling Dixie this morning, when you heard the latest polling puts Trump and Hillary dead even. I don’t know how many little animals you had to sacrifice, but that is really amazing. For the first time in the election, the polls are dead even, the night of the first debate!


Does this not defy every law of probability? As if all the planets and stars were aligned with Republican Lester Holt standing on the debate stage at Hofstra University.

Even more of an enigma, is the question of why they are dead even. Have there been any Hillary scandals? Nothing. A few weeks ago Hillary’s numbers started to slide. Like a ski slope, they have been going down slightly, until today, the day of the debates, they are dead even. In the eyes of the media gods, could this have gone done any more swimmingly?

Remember when Romney and Obama duked it out? It was tied right until election night, and then Obama took Romney to town. The media is presenting this election almost exactly as they presented the last one.

Although the media articulates this election is more tied than a knot, Romney is doing much better than how Trump is doing the day of the first debates. Don’t forget, Romney got drilled a new butt hole during election night.


For starters, Romney had more than twice the amount of money that Trump has at this point.

A few weeks ago, a Wall Street Journal poll put Trump down only nine points to Hillary. Which was much better than another poll that had Trump down 15 points. During the entire 2012 election cycle, Romney was NEVER that far down.

The most crucial difference between Romney and Trump is their like ability difference among minorities. Ironically, the morning after Romney’s shellacking, Reince Preibus declared that the one lesson that Republicans should take from this defeat, was that they needed to improve their numbers with minorities.

Minority outreach is THAT big of an issue in American politics.

Besides gaining the endorsement of the KKK, what has Donald Trump done that might affect the approval of minorities?



Donald Trump could only dream of having Romney’s approval ratings among minorities.

Trump is doing terribly among black voters. Even worse among Hispanics, and even worse among Muslims, much worse than Romney ever did in any of these demographics.

Here is a prediction:


I say that there is a tie tonight. Considering the subterranean expectations Trump has, it isn’t that hard to imagine that they tie. All he has to do is rattle on about making America great again, and how YUGE his business is. As long as he doesn’t say anything blatantly idiotic, he’ll be fine.

God knows the media would love to preserve this delicious tie – keep America glued to their television screens.

Give or take a few points, the tie between them will remain.

Come next debate, America will wake to discover yet another dead even tie. Which will in effect, create high ratings for that debate.