Let me start this article by stressing that Democrats will not lose.

I can’t quite say the same for Hillary though.


If the Republican nominee was anyone else but The Donald, Hillary would be in lots of trouble. Here is the only topic The Donald and I agree on, we both “love the poorly educated”.

Had it not been for those “poorly educated”, there would be another, more formidable Republican nominee, say Jeb Bush or Rand Paul. I would be shaking in my boots.

Still, Hillary’s campaign has not handled everything so well. What’s up with those commercials? It is powerful to see those little kids watching The Donald cursing but there are so many more harmful commercials to play about The Donald. How about one showing a Trump University victim or how about how he never donates his own money or how about how he has been a Democrat his whole life or about his desire to kick out Hispanics and Muslims from our country?

Cursing is a nasty habit, but there are a lot worse ones.


Did you see how excited they got when Hillary called half of Trump supporters deplorable? What else would you call people dressed up in white hoods, waving burning crosses? How about those people in videos at Trump rallies screaming violent threats and racist and sexist slurs?

With the least qualified and most offensive presidential nominee in history, Republicans understand that the only way they could win is not through their nominee’s strengths, but rather through their opponent’s flaws.


So why feed into the Republican’s only strategy? Give them a candidate they have nothing on.

Give them Jo.


Worse case scenario –

Let’s imagine the scenario that every Republican fantasizes over. Although several judges, as well as a Republican led investigation, found no fault with Hillary, let’s say some of Hillary’s emails are disclosed that reveal some questionable practice. On top of that, imagine Hillary has some debilitating illness.

If it looks really bad for Democrats, all the DNC needs to do is unleash junkyard dog Jo.



  1. He has been vice president for two terms. There are no scandals to unveil.
  2. His approval ratings are sky high. America loves him.
  3. His Scranton-North East-blue collar foundations is exactly the same demographic the Democrats need to attract.

Without a doubt, the greatest benefit if Joe Biden suddenly popped out as the Democratic presidential nominee, would be the confusion of the GOP. What would they do? Hillary has been their only target for the past twenty years. Even before Obama appeared, Hillary’s Republican crucifixion has been going on.

Hillary kept her diagnosis of pneumonia hush for a few hours and it becomes the biggest new story. Donald Trump has not even released his tax returns or his medical evaluation (at least one that he didn’t write).


Joe Biden’s approval ratings are soaring

The sad part is that after 25 years of investigations and trials, the only thing Republicans have against Hillary are allegations. If Joe was suddenly put at the helm, 25 years of rumors and allegations, the entire Hillary Bashing Campaign, would be tossed out the window.

Even creepy Julian Assange’s plans would be disqualified!

The Donald might pick on a woman, but he wouldn’t pick on Joe. He couldn’t pick on Joe. What ammunition would he have? He is one of the most beloved as well as one of the most known figures in America.

Go get ’em, Joe.