Donald Trump has succeeded where Hillary and Bill and Obama have failed. He has destroyed the Republican party. The GOP tried (but failed) to dethrone their golden idol. Remember, a few weeks ago, the GOP wanted to replace Trump as their presidential nominee. But when Trump threatened to never contribute to the GOP again, the GOP sort of retreated beneath that mossy rock they came from! He has taken the GOP hostage. They have no choice but to comply with his demands.


Still, there are some Republicans who back him. Despite every day, another historically red state turns blue as a result of Trump, despite hundreds of lifelong Republicans backing Hillary as a result of Trump, despite enormous slices of our population being offended as a result of Trump, despite all of this, there a few Republicans who still back him.

The question of the hour is why do they still support him? It’s like cheering for the football player who limps onto the field on crutches. Your team will lose thanks to him, but still, you root for him.

Trump will lose. He will also bring down the Republican party. And still, Republicans support him. Although his defeat is all but certain and although Trump is playing the fiddle while the Republican party burns, you’d think any Republican would desperately want another candidate.

Why do they still support him?

The answer is a lack of education. Most Trump supporters do not have a college education. In addition, one of Trump’s only platforms is to kick out all Hispanics and ban them from entering our country. Besides a white supremacist, who would this appeal to? Uneducated blue collar workers, who lost their jobs on the assembly line to illegal immigrants, that’s who. They don’t want to better themselves with an education and a better job. Instead, Trump feeds them an impractical fantasy in which they get their nonexistent jobs back on the assembly line.1

When Trump first appeared, in all his glitter and glamour, with his entourage of hot women and midgets, amidst the fireworks and the monster trucks, I was loving it. As a Democrat, I told my friends, “We should only be so lucky to have this joker face Hillary!” Could there be an easier ‘Republican’ to take down? If Hillary was up against a “real” politician, like Ted Cruz or Jeb Bush, I would be very nervous. Ted Nugent would be a tougher opponent than The Donald! Also, a Democrat is just ending two terms. Historically, the opposite party takes it after a two term presidency.

Yet, the uneducated Republican spoke. They cried for an “outsider”. They didn’t want a politician instead, they voted for a reality TV star, who never held a government position. They wanted a figure who vowed to kick out all Hispanics and Muslims from the country. These uneducated Republicans wanted a celebrity who was a democrat for most of his life! None of his kids could even vote in the primaries, because they were all registered democrats. LOL!

There has been an ardent push from the right to dethrone The Donald. Why would they do such a thing? After all. the GOP are well aware that if they got rid of their nominee not even 100 days before election, their chances of winning would be even smaller than if The Donald was running. However, the GOP are petrified of the effects of The Donald’s nomination. The Donald has single-handedly destroyed the GOP.


As soon as The Donald acknowledged this GOP attempt to replace him, he threatened to stop contributing. So Trump supporters are actually supporting a Republican nominee at war with the GOP!

The uneducated are easily duped by the snake charmer!

Yet again, Donald Trump is ignoring the country and ignoring the world, by just focusing on himself and the inevitable defeat that awaits him in November. Apparently, nothing else is as important as his image and his defeat.

In addition, Trump is capitalizing on the omnipotent devotion he has gained from his monster truck, shit-kicking, meth driven fan base. Real money is in cable news. After recently handing top campaign positions to head of ultra-conservative website Breitbart and ex head of Fox News, looks like Trump is ready to start Trump TV.

Trump has the GOP in his sweaty hand. They can’t win with him and they can’t get rid of him. And his poll numbers are diving faster than a falling corpse.

But Donald Trump as the leader of the Religious Right?! Really? The same guy who is currently on trial for defrauding children seeking an education, is going to be a religious role model!?

Right – and my name is Grizzly Adams.


If The Donald has taught us anything, he has enlightened us to a severe flaw of our democracy. Democracy listens to the voice of the people. Democracy only exists when my voice is as loud as yours. As a result, your vote weighs just as much as my mine.

But what happens if I’m not very educated, and I get bamboozled by this fictitious flamboyant candidate? What happens when a large percentage of the population gets tricked by this candidate? Imagine the huge crowds that gather at this nominee’s rallies. Instead of speaking politics, he says a lot of jokes. Instead of telling his supporters why they should vote for him, he tells them why they should hate his opponent.

The only way to prevent something like this from happening, is through education. As a nation, we must ensure our population is smart enough to demand ideas and solutions from presidential candidates. We should spend as much of our budgets on education as other countries, like China, does.


If our country spent more on education, then maybe roughly half the country wouldn’t be so stupid as to support someone who is the named defendant in thousands of lawsuits. But what about the other half of the country? Why should we be penalized because of Trump’s treachery? We didn’t fall for it. Still, with the Donald one of the only two nominations left, it isn’t so hard to imagine Donald Trump becoming President.

Donald Trump has done everything wrong. His campaign would be a great example of how not to run for president. Still, he managed to persuade a majority of Republicans to vote for him! And he did this all without uttering one plausible platform! Mind boggling.

Ask them why they  are supporting Trump. After they remove that stick of hay from their mouths they reply, “He speaks the truth,” or “He is a successful businessman,” or “He will make America great again.”


In other words, “He is the only Republican we got.” When someone is unable to list one real reason why they support a candidate obviously, they base their devotion on emotions and fears as opposed to logic and facts.

Donald Trump sure spends a lot of time crying about how “rigged” the system is. He blames the media for his total collapse at the polls. He claims that the media misrepresents him, though he gives no examples. You’d think if a company was actually defaming Donald Trump, he’d sue them. God knows he’s sued enough companies in his life. Yet, he is not suing major media companies who are allegedly defaming him. According to him, they are tarnishing his good name to the public, yet he is not suing anyone!?

Have I mentioned he refuses to release his taxes? A number of reasons why he may not want to release his taxes; he is not as wealthy as he claims, he pays no taxes, or that he has accepted money from Russia (which would explain why Putin hacked the DNC and why one of Trump’s policies is NOT to arm Ukrainian rebels).

Trump is the antithesis to all the values conservatives try to emulate. Instead of being law abiding, Republican, hiring Americans, and virtuous Trump has committed fraud, he was a Democrat for most of his life, he repeatedly hires foreign labor because its cheaper and he is immoral. The fact that Republicans have been tricked into nominating this used car salesman, is very indicative of the party.If the party does survive, it needs a complete overhaul. If this is the figure so many Republicans want, who do they nominate in four years?  Will it be another charlatan who puts on a great show with lots of jokes but no substance?