Hillary has a problem with millennials.

We hear that all day long.


One Quinnipiac poll in September found 44% of voters under 35 were going for a third party. Gary Johnson was snatching almost a third of that enormous demographic.

Before Republicans break out the bubbly on that one, please keep in mind that Gary Johnson is a lot more conservative than The Donald. Besides social issues, Gary Johnson is VERY conservative. It is questionable who Gary Johnson is stealing votes from.

The majority of Gary Johnson supporters are young Republicans, who like Gary Johnson, have liberal social views. But some of his supporters are left-leaning millennials, who would choose Clinton over Trump.


If you look at Gary Johnson’s platforms, you may ask yourself what would a young liberal like about him. He is adamantly against free college. He will repeal the health-care law that allows kids under 26 to stay on their parents’ insurance. His number one fight is for unlimited corporate money in politics.

Find me on kid under 30, who agrees with those three platforms, and I’ll show you a nerd.

With more than 2/3 of people under 35 favoring marijuana legalization, Gary Johnson’s legalization platforms is his greatest strength.

The under 30 vote is very important to Democrats. Without Obama grasping 60% of that group in 2012, he may have had some problems with his re-election. One topic that Hillary could start talking about, that interests everyone under 30 is pot.


Hillary has taken some steps in the legalization direct, but not nearly enough. She announced her plans to remove marijuana from Schedule I. That is the DEA’s classification, reserved for the most harmful and illegal narcotics.

Big deal.


If Hillary went all out for legalization, it would place several aces up her sleeve. First, it would certainly garner enthusiasm for her with millennials, a group she desperately needs to regain. Also though, maybe even more important, is that if Hillary announced a sweeping legalization plan tomorrow, she suddenly wouldn’t be that cautious politician, refusing to take risks.


Maybe she could even swap those billions of Penitentiary and judicial dollars we spend on marijuana offenders for other educational or healthcare benefits.

According to the FBI, 43.3% of all drug abuse violations concern pot users. Half of the people in jail are there because of pot related crimes.

Let’s say we have 757,969 people in jail for pot. $20,000 a year for each. That’s about $16 million out of our taxes, to keep all of them jailed for one year. Think of what we could do as a nation with that money.

The benefits are endless. Marijuana legalization seems like such a no-brainer.  Which ever president is lucky enough to legalize it, will be instantly crowned.