This morning, Hillary wrote an article in The New York Times, that revealed her plan to fight poverty.

This presidential cycle has certainly seen some interesting solutions. All of these solutions are aimed to help the poor. Essentially, every single platform a presidential nominee proposes, is to improve the economy, and make it easier for the poor to buy a meal at the end of the day. After all, a nation’s poverty rate is the most inclusive method to determine that nation’s viability. The fewer number of people in poverty the better the economy.


Bernie Sanders was a democratic socialist, or more accurately, a New Deal democrat. He wanted Americans to share the wealth, so that everyone could enjoy the benefits of civilized nation. Such a vision was trumpeted by the middle class. Sanders promised a free college education to all.

On the other side of the spectrum, stands Donald Trump, with his top hat and cane. Donald Trump is a savior for the wealthy, a protector for the Capitalist. Donald Trump wants to get rid of the minimum wage. He also wants to reduced the tax for corporations transferring money over seas.

Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Bernie Sanders have cruised to stunning victories in the New Hampshire primary, CNN projects, in results that will rock the establishments of both parties and confirm the strength of outsider candidates in a wild presidential race.

We have always known that Hillary is right in the middle. Today, she released her plan.

She has spent her entire life helping impoverished women and children around the world. Fox News accusations aside, Hillary Clinton does more good in this world than you do, and a lot more good than The Donald does (look how many current court cases he is the defendant in).

Her first job was as a young attorney at the Children’s Defense Fund. Hillary wrote in her article today, that helping children and families “will be the driving mission of my administration.”

Hillary will invest historic amounts of money in good jobs. She will also raise the minimum wage and get equal pay for women.


Affordable housing is an epidemic, according to Hillary Clinton. She wants to “expand Low Housing Tax Credits in high cost areas to increase our affordable housing supply and fuel broader community development.” This means that if you live in an affluent city, under a Hillary presidency, there would be a place you could afford as well as transportation required to get you to work and your kids to school.

Hillary is modeling her plan to fight poverty to Congressman Jim Clyburn’s 10-20-30 plan. 10% of federal investments to communities where 20% of the population has been below poverty for 30 years.

She also emphasized her outreach to minority communities that have been restrained by color barriers.

This is a stark contrast to The Donald’s approach, whose plan will benefit wealthy citizens like himself. His clever idea to eliminate the estate tax alone will net his family a cool $4 billion tax cut. Talk about daddy bringing home the bacon!

Hillary has devoted her life to helping women and children. Republicans have been trying for more than 20 years to destroy her. All they have are their allegations. If you despise her for doing God’s work that you would never do, but you endorse someone currently in a class action fraud case for stealing money from children, your heart is as cold as his!