When Obama was elected, Mitch McConnell, vowed that Republican’s most important job was to block everything Obama tried to pass. Half the government was working to ensure the President failed in his leadership!



Apparently though, they couldn’t even pull off that obstinate mission. Now Obama leaves office, and his approval ratings are sky high. With good reason. Despite half the government working to smear his legacy, Obama has racked up an impressive row of accomplishments.

If any Republican is reading this and is still with me, even after that painful paragraph I commend you. I’m sure you are tossing your fists through the air in rage, though. The truth hurts.

Republicans have utterly ignored the people that voted them in. Their public oath to block any productivity from our government is a disgrace. However, casting aside the goodwill of America, Republicans did succeed in one thing – tarnishing Hillary Clinton’s name.


Hillary has been in the Republican’s cross-hairs for a good 20 years. Back in 2008, before Obama stepped into the spotlight, Hillary was the expected nominee. Her crucifixion began even before that, when her husband was president.

Unfortunately, after all that time, their ammunition consists of two measly plastic BBs – her emails and her foundation. They used to have three, but the Republican committee, led by Trey Gowdy, declared Hillary committed no wrong doing.


One common Hillary misconception, applied with Republican paint, is that she was a lousy Secretary of State. Only the uneducated Fox News viewer will buy that one. Approval ratings don’t lie. When Hillary Clinton concluded her tenure as secretary of state, a whopping 69 percent approved of her job.


The real kicker is an examination of that 69er. 92 percent of Democrats, 64 percent of independents and even 41 percent of Republicans approved of her job.

Just 25 percent disapproved.

Colin Powell was the only outgoing Secretary of State to have a higher approval rating since 1948.

Until that failed Benghazzi Republican smear tactic, Hillary maintained excellent support even with Republicans. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham for example said,

“I think she’s represented our nation well. She is extremely well respected throughout the world, handles herself in a very classy way and has a work ethic second to none.”


Former State Department director Theresa Loar said in 2011 that,

“I honestly think Hillary Clinton wakes up every day thinking about how to improve the lives of women and girls. And I don’t know another world leader who is doing that.”

She is loved even around the world. The same populations that Trump flicks off, admire Hillary. One poll found that Japan and countries in Europe have confidence that Hillary would do the right thing in world affairs.

She traveled more than any Secretary of State because she believed that visits were important, especially in the digital age. Accordingly, Hillary said,

“I have found it highly ironic that, in today’s world, when we can be anywhere virtually, more than ever people want us to show up, actually. Somebody said to me the other day, ‘I look at your travel schedule. Why Togo? Why the Cook Islands?’ No secretary of state had ever been to Togo before. Togo happens to be on the U.N. Security Council. Going there, making the personal investment, has a real strategic purpose.”


Besides handing buckets of money to the top 1%, Republicans fail miserably at everything. Their single mission during Obama’s presidency was to ruin him. Obama finishes with towering approval ratings. After their 20-year smear campaign revealed zero scandals, Republicans have effectively illustrated exactly how stellar Hillary real is, and what a great president she will be!