Who Killed More People? Jeffrey Dahmer or Mike Pence?

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In 2011, Mike Pence, a righteous congressman of Indiana, pushed legislation through congress that would have cut off funding to organizations that perform abortions. However, a federal judge blocked Pence’s law. Regardless, Republicans in the house made it so by 2014, Planned Parenthood would only receive $1.9 million from the state, as opposed to the $3.3 it got in 2005. So Planned Parenthood had to close five clinics in Indiana.


One of these clinics was Scott County. This certain Planned Parenthood had never performed an abortion. Instead, the citizens of Scott County took advantage of the HIV prevention, intervention and counselling services that Planned Parenthood provided. Scott County is very poor. At the time, many in the county were drug addicts. The County clinic closed in 2013. By 2015, 150 residents were infected with HIV. By 2016, 190!

Pence has always been against needle exchange program. Apparently, Pence assumes drug addicts are better off dead. In Indiana there is a ban on these programs throughout the state. However, after the outbreak began in Scott County, Pence lifted the ban just in the county, because such programs work and save lives. However, he refused to lift the ban anywhere else in his state.


Remember, Mike Pence is such good friends with big tobacco, he actually said that, “Smoking doesn’t kill.”

Figuring out how many people Pence’s reckless decisions have killed or how many families he has destroyed is difficult. There is proof that Pence’s decision to ban the needle exchange program and his decision to get rid of the Planned Parenthood, took away essential life savers from people.

Lots of these “people” were drug addicts, so this ultimately could have been Pence’s plan.

Trump and Pence are probably the absolute last two people I would ever want running my country.

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