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Those Loyal Trumpkins were Tricked by Trump

I could never imagine the magnitude of heartbreak the typical Trump supporter must be going through right now. I never thought I would say this, but I feel kind of bad for that Trumpkin. Kind of like when a little kid’s favorite cartoon is canceled, or when the ice cream man stops selling the kid’s favorite cone, or the frustration the kid endures when his parents make him finish that dreaded plate of asparagus. After… Keep Reading

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What does Trump get From his Claims of a ‘Rigged Election’?

Despite Trump’s never ending rigged election accusation, he has not provided one example. How is a rigged election even possible? We live in a democracy. All voting districts are chaperoned by Democrats and Republicans alike. In order to rig an election, you would have to be supported by both parties. If Trump is to be believed that he lost as a result of a rigged election and not because of his moronic attitude and naive… Keep Reading

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Trump TV – Coming to a Shi*ter Near you!

If you watched a Trump speech in the past couple of months you would have noticed something strange. I’m sure you noticed a lot of strange things, but one detail that should have been very alarming was his obsession with the media and how corrupt it is. Launching missiles against the media is nothing new in a presidential campaign. In fact, history will show that there is usually one presidential candidate that complains about the… Keep Reading

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Thank you Donald Trump, from Every Democrat

With less than a month before election, Republicans are in quite a quagmire. For starters, it seems Trump’s chances of winning the presidency are getting more slim with each second that transpires. Not that I would have ever bet on him winning, but after his disastrous past week and half downward spiral, I’d say The Man in the Moon has a better chance than The Donald. As a result of his dwindling chances, The Donald… Keep Reading

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Hillary – A Champion for the Voiceless

On September 30, 2014 there were 415,229 children in foster care. In fact, every week roughly 60,000 children are reported abused or neglected. It is difficult to understand the pain a neglected child endures. Besides the cot in the back of the auditorium essentially, you are alone. Unlike sperm doing back-flips in some woman’s fallopian tubes, there are no billion dollar lobbyists working on your behalf. Every Republican ardently fights to protect the unborn. But… Keep Reading

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Trump is Free Falling in the Polls

A few months ago, Mr. Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, said that he is unhappy that some of the presidential debates are scheduled against NFL games. Mr. Trump went so far in proving his displeasure that he even wrote a letter to the NFL, complaining about the scheduled games. Of course, the NFL said they couldn’t reschedule the games. But Trump showed to the world that he was really ticked off that the debates were scheduled… Keep Reading

Unofficial Trump Adviser Roger Stone and Julian Assange Conspire to Trick Republicans

You could call Republicans a lot of things, ‘educated’ would not be one. As a result, Republicans are easy to fool. Trump even said ‘I love the poorly educated.’ Although Trump has been a Democrat most of his life, if he would have run as a Democrat he wouldn’t have gotten two steps past the starting line. Now, a tightly wrapped conspiracy is starting to unravel. A conspiracy that the entire Republican party have been… Keep Reading

Libertarian Vice President Bill Weld, Endorses Hillary Clinton

Hillary has a lot of endorsements. From both sides of the aisles, many politicians are in it for Hillary. Although Hillary is considered  the most qualified candidate to ever run for president, a lot of those votes from across the aisle are compelled out of fear of the Donald in the White House. The amount of Republican endorsements the Democratic nominee has received this election is certainly one for the books. Never in our history… Keep Reading

Why do Republicans Accept Trump’s Refusal to Show his Taxes?

I live in Alexandria, Virginia. Near the Supreme Court chambers is a toll bridge across the Potomac. When in a rush, I pay the dollartoll and get home early. However, I usually drive a free bridge outside the downtown section of the city, and cross the Potomac on a free bridge. This bridge was placed outside the downtown Washington, D.C. area to serve a useful social service: getting drivers to drive the extra mile to help alleviate congestion during rush hour.… Keep Reading

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