Seems like every other day, Trump threats to sue someone.

Whether it be the women who are accusing him of sexual assault, the New York Times for releasing some of his tax returns, Ted Cruz over ads, and the RNC over debates. Trump has sued people, businesses, entire cities and countries.


Let’s see in one year, how many of these lawsuits are actually filed. By threatening to sue his accusers, Trump certainly seems very confident in his innocence. He would even appear more innocent if he actually filed the lawsuits.

I could say I’m going to win the lottery tomorrow. Will uttering such a statement make me more wealthy? Of course not. If I win the lottery, that is something different.

Unfortunately for The Donald, it seems many of these parties are calling his bluff. A former beauty pageant contestant, Temple Taggart, who accused Donald Trump of sexual assault has responded to his threat to sue his accusers, telling reporters on Friday, “I am ready for this battle.” Taggart claims that Trump kissed her on the lips without her consent in 1997.


When the New York Times published a scathing article about all of the women that the Republican presidential nominee allegedly groped and fondled (that is such a weird sentence to write!!!!) of course, Trump threatened to sue the New York Times. In response, the New York Times told Trump’s lawyers that they would not retract their story.


A few weeks ago, Trump announced at a rally that “we are preparing” a lawsuit. That sure made them happy! He also said, “Lawyers are doing the due diligence needed to file such a massive suit.”

As of today, nothing has been filed.

Why should he sue them?

If the Trump campaign does proceed with the lawsuits, it would grant the New York Times a chance to pursue discovery and request information on Trump’s entire sexual history. By filing these lawsuits, Trump would box himself into a very tight corner.


Of course, he might prove me wrong, and file the lawsuits. But I don’t think that will happen. This is just another example of Trump inflating his image.