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November 2016

Donald Trump

Even Donald Trump Acknowledges Conflicts of Interest

Donald Trump finally acknowledged the enormous conflicts that exist between his business empire and his new role as president. He said, “legal documents are being crafted which take me completely out of business operations.” The weird part was that was all he said. Except,  Unless he sells his businesses completely, there is no way around encountering a conflict. He has proposed he could hand over his company to his kids. But his kids will be working… Keep Reading

Donald Trump

Trump’s First Diplomatic Endeavor – Pretty up the Views on his Scottish Golf Courses

If anyone doubts that Trump’s massive empire will not serve as a conflict to him leading our county, you only need to turn your head towards his first diplomatic achievement. What would be the first thing you’d do if you were president elect? Suddenly, you had all this power and persuasion and could really do anything you wanted. You would assume, as “President of the United States”, you would want to serve America. Your top… Keep Reading

Here’s Where I Would Stuff Barron and Melania

You might have heard that president-elect Trump’s son and wife, Barron and Melania, are not moving to the White House. Instead, they are staying in the Trump Tower penthouse. Melania explains how important it is that Barron continues attending his Upper West Side private school, according to The Post article. “Melania is extremely close to Barron, and they have become closer during the campaign,” said a source close to Trump’s transition team. “The campaign has… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Mike Pence

Proving Trump is Mentally Unfit Could Legally get him Removed

Do you think Trump is mentally unfit? Would you buy a used car from him? There has never been a president-elect to be welcomed into the White House with so much protest than Trump. Those that didn’t elect him are wondering how to remove him from office. Those that did elect him are regretting it, after he already dropped several campaign promises. Anyone whose only attribute is “he thinks like me” isn’t the best choice to… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Media

National Enquirer Applauds Trump’s Victory

This was from the National Enquirer, November 16th, 2016 – Time after time during this most ugly and hard-fought of American presidential campaigns — The National ENQUIRER scooped the nation’s media “powers” and proved we alone were listening to the unheard majority! Our team of reporters and political experts constantly landed blockbuster stories and provided analysis seen nowhere else. In our quest to scrutinize the candidates, The ENQUIRER drove light years ahead of the lamestream media… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Immigration Policy

Sanctuary Church Latest Defense of Illegal Immigrants Against Trump’s Tyranny

A small sanctuary army is forming to defend minorities against Trump’s call for deportation. A civil war is brewing. Religious congregations, such as churches and temples, are the latest arms of defense. Cities across the nation, such as New York, Chicago and Los Angeles vowed to fight Trump’s frighteningly popular calls to deport illegal immigrants. Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago has announced that his city “will always be a sanctuary city.” Sanctuary cities were the… Keep Reading

Did Bernie have Anything to do With Getting The Donald Elected?

How much did Bernie supporters help Trump get elected? There are arguments on both sides. “Do you vote against the greater evil if you don’t happen to like the other candidate? The answer to that is yes.” So says Noam Chomsky, political activist, professor and social critic. According to Chomsky, who was a Bernie supporter during the primaries, any Democrat who refused to vote for Hillary Clinton made a “bad mistake.”  – Commondreams article – In the defense… Keep Reading

Pastor Speaks Tongues While Praising God for Trump

During an animated proclamation, Pastor John Kilpatrick celebrates the election of Donald Trump. “Victory, finally, victory!” Kilpatrick declared. “Thank the Lord for the victory! Thank you for saving our nation! Thank you, Lord, for bringing Jezebel down!” Raw Story article Yup, the lady that devoted her life to helping women and children around the world is referred to as “Jezebel”. The same woman whose charity foundation gave HIV medicine to people too poor to afford breakfast,… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Economy

Bernie Trying to Force Trump to Live up to Campaign Promises

Bernie is reminding America of one of Trump’s many bold campaign promises. During the election, Trump used the story of Carrier, which is a brand of United Technologies Corporation Building & Industrial Systems, based in Farmington, Connecticut, which is planning to move headquarters to Mexico. Trump assured voters that he would convince United Technology to remain in the US or feel the wraith of his 35% tax. “I will soon be introducing legislation to make sure… Keep Reading

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