Did Bernie have Anything to do With Getting The Donald Elected?

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How much did Bernie supporters help Trump get elected?

There are arguments on both sides.


“Do you vote against the greater evil if you don’t happen to like the other candidate? The answer to that is yes.”

So says Noam Chomsky, political activist, professor and social critic.

According to Chomsky, who was a Bernie supporter during the primaries, any Democrat who refused to vote for Hillary Clinton made a “bad mistake.”  – Commondreams article –

In the defense of the Bernie supporter, an argument could be made that a larger number of Democrats did not vote for Hilla3ry that are Bernie supporters. In other words, the amount of Democrats that did not vote this election far supersedes the amount of Bernie supporters. If none of the Bernie supporters voted for Hillary, there is still a shortage of Democratic votes.


One reason for that could have been the way the DNC handled the primary election. A lot of Democrats were turned off by that. Though, the democratic primary election debacle was questioned by Bernie supporters.

Bernie supporters suddenly got all silent after the elections. For a year they had been marching down the street, right along side those Trumpkins, chanting to ‘Lock her up’ and ‘Off with her head’. But then, when Trump won, they kind of cleared their throats and walked away.

They could not comprehend that their seething animosity was actually strong enough to get The Donald elected.

In fact, Bernie supporters will adamantly contend that Hillary did not lose because of their hatred for the woman. This graph however should be indisputable proof that Trump is our President because a massive wave of Democrats did not vote for the Democratic nominee.


“I didn’t like Clinton at all, but her positions are much better than Trump’s on every issue I can think of,” Chomsky said. – Commondreams article –

1But then this graph below shows there could have been a larger problem
than just a lack of Bernie votes. White Democrats vastly did not vote
for Hillary.


Also, Bernie was very supportive of Hillary. To think his supporters would take all of his advice, except voting for Hillary is peculiar. That scenario would imply a cult of personality. What do you think?1

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  1. Yup, probably everything. The people realized that it was possible to have a candidate that stood for what was right and worked to earn votes. When compared to “I’m winning, I don’t have to earn votes” Clinton, the decision became clear. Bernie or Bust.

  2. True Bernie supporters would have done anything and everything to prevent Trump from winning. Those that jumped ship to Stine or Johnson, they weren’t real Bernie supporters. (That’s a false perspective). Many voted Jill Stein because MANY weren’t going to participate in Clinton’s game. Her view of vote for me because it’s your duty was bullshit all the way and she did absolutely nothing to earn that vote. You know who was speaking to many votes? That’s right, the woman which kept the same agenda Bernie had. A negative campaign will never lead to victory in the Democratic party.

  3. You are dead wrong. I am a supporter of Senator Sanders. I did not vote for Hillary Clinton. I did not vote for Trump. I voted for the only intelligent candidate out there even though she does not support my positions well, that is Jill Stein. I am far less bothered by Trump being elected than I would be if Clinton were elected. I still detest the betrayal of the public by the democrats in running a fixed nomination campaign and dismissing the actual win they could have had. This is what the DNC deserves. This is what every Hillary Supporter out there deserves for shackling themselves to a criminal who is also a traitor to the democratic process.

    I am not ashamed if my vote prevented Clinton from getting the White House. I expect my quality of life to go down. I expect to be railed against and publically humiliated and attackd because I am disabled. And I am watching as the DNC denies its responsibility in creating this mess and deludes itself into picking all the wrong things for remaining a viable party. However, falling on my sword for what is right is not a new thing for me. Nor will the increased animosity and mistreatment by the system make me regret voting agaisnt that malicious treacherous person.

    Sanders could have championed the ideals of the economic left, but with the wisdom to listen to and work out reasonable positions with the social right. No one else running for PotUS in this election was capable of doing that simple task. And everyone, Everyone with an IQ above single digits, knows that had the DNC chosen Senator Sanders as the nominee they would not have lost the White House.

    • ever person who gave a vote to the independent, helped adolf trump to get into WH…and still you think you did the right thing. FYI: I am still a bernie supporter, but voted for hilary. EARLY voting even. Shame on you

    • Incorrect how could you state a thing “Me”? What 40% of regisrered votes to failed to vote? What about EVERYTHING the DNC has to millennials which votes or turned away from the voting polls ? This is WHO America deserves.

    • No, this is who and what people like Kenneth deserve. Regardless of what you think of Clinton, or the DNC if she’d been elected, we wouldn’t be staring down the barrel of a complete shitshow. You third party malcontents have every reason to be ashamed. Own it . Kenneth thinks his suffering is noble. Fuck you, Kenny.

    • Ever hear the idiom “Cut off your nose to spite your own face”?
      You helped Trump because the DNC’s process was crooked against Sanders? You wanted to punish the DNC with your vote and blame them for the suffering you are sure to face because they lost to Trump? You sir, are a Fucking Idiot.

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