America didn’t care that Donald refused to show his taxes, nor did they care that he is on trial for stealing money from college bound children, nor did they care that many women accused him of sexual molestation. If none of that bothered Americans, whose gonna care that the Trump Clan runs both the country and it’s multi billion dollar global industry at the same time?


That is the definition of a conflict of interest.

Trump says his kids will take over the business.

That isn’t much of a transfer of power though. Ethics watchdogs are calling on President Trump to shift his assets into a strict blind trust.

“I know of nothing that compares to this,” said Fred Wertheimer, the president of the Democracy 21 watchdog group. “Since he has the power to affect all policies in this country, there are bound to be almost daily potential conflicts of interests between his business holdings and his decisions as president.”

A great example of how the Trumps might abuse their powers was illustrated during that “60 Minutes” interview the other night, with the Donald and all of his family.


The day after the interview aired, a press release was sent out by Monica Marder, the vice president of sales for Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry. The release pointed out how during that widely seen “60 Minutes” interview, Ivanka was wearing “her favorite bangle from the Metropolis Collection…Please share this with your clients…”.

Even the most loyal Trump supporter could see how unethical it would be for a politician’s daughter to try to use an interview with her father to sell some of her jewelry. (If the Trump supporter can not see, imagine that was Chelsea!!)

I will end this somber article on a note that will certainly make you laugh. During that same interview, while Ivanka is shoving her jewelry into the camera, she says how she doesn’t care about the Trump brand.


Lesley Stahl: Let me ask whether any of you think that the campaign has hurt the Trump brand.

Ivanka Trump: I don’t think it matters. This is so much more important. And more serious. And– so th– I– I– you know, that’s the focus.