In San Diego today, a federal judge will hear arguments on whether to delay the President elect’s fraud case regarding Trump University.

An enormous class action of plaintiffs, many of them recent high school graduates at the time, allege that after they paid tuition to Trump University, they discovered it was nothing more than a scam. These students allege that Trump University fraudulently misrepresented the curriculum and also falsely claimed that the instructors were handpicked by the President elect.

The case has been chugging along slowly, and years ago (maybe even two weeks ago) no one anticipated this fraudster would have been elected president.

Republicans and the president elect are praying that the case could be dismissed or at least delayed until after Trump becomes president. The case is scheduled to begin Nov. 28th.

In just a few weeks, when this case gets going, things could get very ugly. Imagine the faces of the young students on the stand crying about being deceived by President elect Trump! What an embarrassment to the GOP! There are even a few senior citizens who emptied out their life savings to attend Trump University. Imagine them on the stands, talking about Trump’s lies!

In addition, we will see all the advertisements that tricked these victims into believing Trump University was a sound investment.

Republicans are dreading this case. Hence, they are trying to find some loophole that may get the president elect out. Once Trump becomes president, can he still be sued over allegations from before he was elected? Would he have to give testimony if the judge ordered it?

Republicans just need to look back not even twenty years for an answer.
1997, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a sexual misconduct lawsuit filed by Paula Jones against President Bill Clinton could proceed. Clinton’s lawyers were trying the same angle as Trump, that since he was President he was immune.
Back then, the Republicans got what they wanted. President Clinton would stand trial for his sexual misconduct. They all celebrated to the wee hours of the morn.
The Paula Jones case set a shining example for legal allegations involving presidents. As a result, there is no question whether or not the Trump University case will go to trial.
Trump’s lawyers asked the judge to delay the trial until after the inauguration. They claimed that transitional period for any president elect requires at least 69 days.
Lawyers for the students countered that they don’t need anything else from Trump, and that the trial could begin immediately.
You thought O.J.’s trial was awesome?! Get some popcorn and get cozy on the couch. Get ready for some real entertainment!