This was from the National Enquirer, November 16th, 2016 –


Time after time during this ugliest and hard-fought of American presidential campaigns — The National ENQUIRER scooped the nation’s media “powers” and proved we alone were listening to the unheard majority! Our team of reporters and political experts constantly landed blockbuster stories and provided analysis seen nowhere else.

In our quest to scrutinize the candidates, The ENQUIRER drove light years ahead of the lamestream media — and it wasn’t until President-Elect Donald Trump’s landslide victory on Nov. 8 that our clueless rivals FINALLY caught up with reality!

From the moment he declared his candidacy, ENQUIRER readers were spot-on in their endorsement of Trump. You gave him the nod over Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, John Kasich, Rick Perry — and a host of others.

As early as May, 58% of you voted for the billionaire businessman over Hillary Clinton. When the FBI refused to prosecute the former secretary of state over her email scandal in July, 83% of ENQUIRER readers polled said she should be jailed!


This should be of no surprise to you. I’m not surprised to read it at all, considering I have written several articles about how Donald Trump is in bed with The National Enquirer. Donald Trump and National Enquirer Chief Executive David Pecker are buddies. If you read the magazine, the camaraderie is stranger than fiction.

David Pecker must be getting desperate. Under his guidance, circulation has plunged. According to a Vanity Fair article:

Its own circulation could stand some shaking. It’s plummeted, to an average of 342,071 a week, down from more than 5 million in the 1970s. Its web audience is around 850,000 unique visitors a month.

NOVI, MI - SEPTEMBER 30: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks at a rally on September 30, 2016 in Novi, Michigan. A post-debate poll shows Trump's rival Hillary Clinton with a seven point lead in Michigan. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

By printing lewd, untrue and salacious stories about Obama’s family or Hillary’s family, the public has begun to reject the magazine.

During the primaries, issue after issue featured some bizarre accusation against one of Trump’s opponents. For example, there was a featured story in the Enquirer that Ted Cruz had multiple affairs with unnamed women. CNN article

I always thought that guy was asexual anyway.

The only name quoted in the story was Roger Stone, Donald Trump’s chief political adviser. Or another National Enquirer story that claimed Ted Cruz’s father offed JFK.


Last summer, The National Enquirer paid a former Playboy Playmate, Karen McDougal, $150,000 for the “exclusive” rights to her story of an alleged affair with The Donald. He was married to Melania at the time.

The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this month, that although The National Enquirer paid all that money, they never ran the story!?


The National Enquirer claims that Karen was paid the money to write a fitness column and rehash spicy affairs she had with married men. Since they own “exclusive rights” to the story, Karen will have problems sharing it anywhere else.