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Deficit/Donald Trump/Obama

Despite Republican Complaints, Why Does the Deficit Always Soar Under One of Them?

For the past eight years, Republicans have been furious about the deficit of the Obama administration. Every time the country needed something, Republican congress was checking that list twice and only approving the very bare minimum. For example, as a result of the Republican’s mission to curb deficit spending, even when it came to the Great Recession and saving our economy, the stimulus bill that was passed in 2008, was largely ineffective. Several provisions from… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Uncategorized

UPDATE: British Politician Becomes Public Enemy #1 After Endorsing Trump

Nigel Farage denies that he is moving to America. British Nigel Farage says, “The thought of doing a Friday night pub crawl around Westminster – I just can’t do it any more.” After backing Donald Trump for president,  United Kingdom Independence Party leader has endured a particularly hostile reaction. The father of four is unable to go out in public without being attacked. His family was chased out of a pub and their car was… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Drug Policy

Marijuana Businesses Getting Smoked by Trump

As of today, 28 states have legalized either medical or recreational pot. This seems like a no-brainer. Instead of going to foreign cartels or fueling gang wars, money for pot goes to our government. Not only do we gain money through pot legalization, but we also save a lot more in legal cost and incarceration expenditures. Pot legalization is a smart choice every way you look at it. Now that Trump is in charge, he… Keep Reading

Trump’s Economic Vision Likely to Bring About a Stagflation

Trump’s economic package is looking more and more like the perfect recipe for a stagflation. In the 60s and 70s, the United Kingdom experienced an outbreak of inflation. The spokesman on economic issues for the United Kingdom’s Conservative Party, Iain Macleod warned: “We now have the worst of both worlds—not just inflation on the one side or stagnation on the other, but both of them together. We have a sort of “stagflation” situation. And history,… Keep Reading

Donald Trump

Piece by Piece, Trump is Selling our Country to the Highest Bidder

Here are some encouraging words to people grappling with a world led by Donald Trump. Yes, it is terrible but it could be a lot worse. Imagine if you voted for him. Imagine if you were one of those suckers that fell for his snake oil cons. Donald Trump campaigned against the corrupt power of special interests. As a result, his supporters were confident that a Trump presidency would not be smeared with the usual presidency… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Paul Ryan

Warning: Republican’s First Agenda May Cause Disgust and Nauseau

You thought Dick Cheney was evil? Let me introduce you to Paul Ryan. Considered the lone level-headed pragmatist in the Republican camp, Paul Ryan is a shooting star. His political potential is boundless. He is actually the most favored ’20 Republican candidate. Last election, Mitt Romney picked him as his running mate, because the two were seemingly not your usual thick-headed, banjo strumming, bible thumping republicans. Unlike those of their buddies, their platforms appeared to… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Immigration

According to Trump, those First Pilgrims Would be Illegal Aliens

The first Thanksgiving was in 1621. It was celebrated by a group of pilgrims who had left Plymouth, England a little more than a year earlier. The Mayflower voyage, headed by Captain John Smith, was brutal. Countless pilgrims fell victim to yellow fever. However, when the ship finally reached the New World, tragedy still loyally clung to the crew, according to a Christian Post article. During that first winter, the Mayflower colonists suffered from lack of… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Economy

Get Ready to Pay A lot More for Stuff Under Trump’s Plan

Big retailers like Walmart, Target and Home Depot have started a lobbying campaign on Capitol Hill in an attempt to warn lawmakers that any tax hike on stuff purchased abroad will only result in higher prices in their stores. “Our members have told us that the import tax could be as high as five times their profits,” said David French, chief lobbyist for the National Retail Federation. “I don’t know how viable some retailers would… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Education

Our Teachers Need to be Schooled – How Common Core Persuaded One in Three Teachers to Vote for Trump

Early in the campaign, Hillary was happy to get endorsements from both of the country’s biggest teacher unions. However, many school teachers and school employees voted for Trump. Our answer to this lies in the Common Core. Among members of American Federation of Teachers (AFT), which consists of 1.6 million teachers, one in five voted for Trump. Among members of the National Education Association, which consists of more than 3 million members, more than one… Keep Reading

The Right IRS Commissioner Could Make All of Trump’s Tax Problems Vanish

The question of Trump’s taxes has always been an albatross around his neck. Amazingly, Trump managed to win the presidency without releasing his tax returns – an unprecedented feat in US politics. If Hillary, or any other nominee for that matter, refused to show their taxes, they wouldn’t get too far down that campaign trail. They would surely lose. Trump would not risk his chances of becoming president, if there wasn’t something very incriminating in his… Keep Reading

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