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Election/Hillary Clinton

Data Evidence that Election Results in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania were Hacked

This past election was a shock to the country. How could someone lose who was projected to win in every single poll during the last year and a half? Finally, whispered accusations are speaking about voter fraud. What if the election was stolen? Remember the last time Republicans won. That whole “hanging chad” business reeked of foulness! A group of computer scientists and election lawyers are urging Hillary to contest the election results. I don’t… Keep Reading

altright/Donald Trump

You Think Democrats are Hard on Trump? Wait Till the Alt Right Attacks

Yesterday, for the first time, a wave of doubt regarding Trump living up to his promises crept across the internet. When Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s campaign manager, said in an interview that Trump is more focused on “healing” Hillary as opposed to prosecuting her, most alt right Trump supporters were shocked. That was a very big campaign promise he made. However, the Republicans I spoke to in person and on message boards were not that bothered… Keep Reading

Election/Eric Trump

Eric Trump is Proof that Money Does not Make One Intelligent

To all those parents debating on whether or not a college education will make their dopey child a rocket scientist, I present exhibit A, Eric Trump. Federal authorities are considering charges against Eric Trump for a stupid violation regarding the elections. The first thing you learn about voting, right when you step off that boat, is not to show your vote to anyone. Such an action violates every single election law. Seriously, this question could… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Hillary Clinton

Trump to Heal Hillary, Thumbs Nose at Breitbart

It seems every day, I write another article about how Trump is further rejecting that disturbingly loyal fan base from his election. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to acknowledge that without that Breitbart fan base, The Donald would not be where he is today, sitting all pretty on his throne. His popularity began during his very first speech of the primaries, when he vowed to get rid of Hispanics and Muslims from… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Protesting

Washington State’s Law Aimed to Stifle Protesters

State Senator Doug Ericksen R-Ferndale, is from Washington state. He was Trump’s deputy campaign director from his state. Ericksen will introduce a bill in the next legislative session that would allow felony prosecution of protesters who purposely break the law to disrupt economic activity. ‘Economic activity’ are the key words for this bill. Anything that can be considered out of private quarters, for example, is an economic activity. Blocking traffic, sitting on the railroad tracks,… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Media

With Trump as our President, What Will Happen to the First Amendment?

During the campaign, Trump made some eyebrow raising comment regarding the media. However since at the time, he was probably saying other things more sensational, the media didn’t focus on his views of the press. Trump and the media haven’t gotten along so well. He is the only president to get only six endorsements from publications. Two of them being “The National Enquirer” and the KKK’s “The Crusader”. That isn’t so hard to believe. Considering… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Rudy Giuliani

Giuliani was Paid Millions by Purdue Pharma to Convince the Public that Deadly Drug OxyContin was Harmless

If this campaign season taught Trump anything, it is that he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and his tongue-wagging supporters would still fetch his bone. The “Religious” Right was so offended with Clinton’s “amoral” handling of her email server, but turned the other cheek to Trump’s flagrant bestiality. Despite years of investigations, Hillary was never charged with anything. Trump on the other hand, just settled a class action FRAUD lawsuit in which he stole… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Ku Klux Klan

Rob Reiner’s Outlook of Trump’s Son-in-law’s Rejection of Judaism

Although Trump’s son-in-law is an Orthodox Jew, there has not been a president more adored by the Nazi community than President elect Trump. One of Trump’s only publication endorsements came from The Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi website. Again, one of Trump’s only endorsements came from a website whose stated goal is, according to the website founder, “that the Jews should be exterminated.” Other noteworthy endorsements? The America Nazi Party and the KKK. Trump’s son-in-law is… Keep Reading

Donald Trump

Trump’s Dramatic Political Evolution Since Election Day

The greatest trait of a president is that they are open minded, stubbornness restricts any politician from achieving brilliance. The first admirable trait of Donald Trump as a leader that the public has observed, is how quickly he rehashed his entire library of cooky ideas. In other words, if a man is nothing more than the ideas he promulgates, than the Donald Trump on Election Day is completely different from the Donald Trump of today.… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Uncategorized

We Earned All of our Liberties Through Protest

There is a fire smoldering in the souls of our neighbors. Without protest, our society is immobile. For the first time in my life, society has become so offended that they have taken to the streets. Armed with protest signs and vigilance, demonstrations are erupting across the country. All over the country, people are protesting Donald Trump. While Trump sips cognac in his penthouse, right below him on 5th Avenue, mobs of protesters brave the… Keep Reading

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