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Donald Trump

Donald Took $7 out of his Charity to pay for his Son’s Boy Scout Membership Fees – I Can’t Make This Stuff Up

In 1989, one fee expended from the Trump Foundation was seven dollars to the Boy Scouts. Donations to good organizations such as Boy Scouts is commendable. That amount is probably more than I’ve ever given to the Boy Scouts. The weird part is that his “generous” donation to the Boy Scouts just happened to be the same amount as a Boy Scout membership fee. Even weirder? In 1989, The Donald Jr. was 11 – the… Keep Reading

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Donald’s Hatred for Hispanics and Muslims Was the Wind Beneath His Wings, but is Also His Demise

When Donald Trump called Mexicans rapists and promised America that they would pay for his magical Great Wall, he began his campaign. The most ardent Trumpkin in the country can not deny, that as soon as he uttered these lines, his meteorite rise began. Apparently, a big portion of the county enjoyed the thought of expelling Hispanics. When Trump threw in the religion of Muslims into this toxic group, his popularity went even higher. Now… Keep Reading

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