As Trump walks into the White House, he carries with him all of those ongoing court battles that he is currently a defendant in. In fact, right now, Trump is the defendant in 75 court cases! Everything from sexually groping little girls, to stealing tuition money from high school grads, to improperly taking fees from members of his Jupiter, Florida golf course.

Here is someone the Religious Right can be proud of!


But fortunately for our “president”, if any of these charges stick, Trump could just whip out a pen and pardon himself.

According to the United States Constitution, Article Two, Section Two, “The President…shall have The Power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offences against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment.”

In other words, Trump can pardon anyone. Even better – if a president issues a pardon to an alleged offender, any imposed penalties are immediately lifted. The offender’s record is even wiped clean!


Like when President Gerald Ford pardoned former President Nixon, he has never faced a criminal charge.

Things couldn’t have worked out better for Trump. If he wasn’t elected President of the United States, Trump would be facing some serious time. His Trump University fraud class action case is enormous. Former students allege that Trump perpetrated this scam to steal tuition money from the poor, the young, and the elderly.

Another fraud case, Cohen v. Trump, alleges that Trump University was just a criminal organization and violated racketeering acts.


In addition, a group of women accuse our president elect of forcing himself on them and groping them.

Judge Richard Posner said, “It has generally been inferred front the breadth of the constitutional language that the President can indeed pardon himself, and although this conclusion has been challenged, it is unlikely that the present Supreme Court would be bold enough, in the teeth of the constitutional language, to read into the pardon clause an exception for self-pardoning. Unlikely, but not inconceivable.”

Still, others feel that self-pardoning would violate an eternal legal tradition that “no person could be judge and party in his own case.”


More good news for our jail-bird-president – nothing in the Constitution forbids a convicted felon from being president. So the only way to get Trump out of office would be through an impeachment from the republican congress.

Fat chance of that happening.

The first lesson President Trump teaches America :

Nothing wrong with committing a crime,Just whatever you do, don’t do the time.