President elect’s pick for a national security expert, Michael Flynn, is a bit of a shock to some. During the campaign, he was Trump’s go to guy on national security matters.

But he has a whole gang of skeletons in his closets.


He was an honorable soldier who became a General. After he left the army though, his career is rather questionable. After Obama fired him as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, he started The Flynn Intel Group, a consulting firm.

This firm has strong ties to Middle Eastern countries. The firm also lobbied heavily for the Turkish government. General Flynn took a paid speaking engagement with Russia Today last year. Russia Today is a television network funded by the Kremlin. He attended lavish parties in Moscow, where he was seated right next to Putin.

It seems that being close to Putin is the cool thing to do in Trump’s administration. However, Trump’s transition team is worrying that General Flynn might not have such an easy confirmation as a result of this long list of conflicts of interest.



Really? A National Security expert who had lobbied for a foreign government and is pals with Putin!!??

In a book that he wrote, he perceives the US as waging a war against “radical Islamic terrorism.” Like Trump, he has commonly said things that aren’t true in an attempt to manipulate public opinion. For example, General Flynn believes that Shariah Islamic Law is spreading in the United States. That is a blatant lie. Though I’m sure it worked great with Trump supporters.

Oh yeah, he is also a registered Democrat.